Movie Review – Udaan

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Udaan should have been a writers dream. I should have loved to write about it like how I did for Catcher in the Rye. But it wasn’t as impactful as Catcher in the Rye. Still it had its own share of goods. Just because I expected to match the awesomeness of 400 blows it didn’t live up to that expectation.


There were a couple of thrilling moments during the initial 10 to 15 minutes. When the four friends escape out of the hostel to watch porn, the last one takes some time to escape. I thought that he was going to get caught and story was about to follow him, an unlucky guy who fails at everything. I wouldn’t have liked that much. Next when Rohan sees his father I thought that something was going to happen. But the scene after that was even better with Rohan taking the suitcase all by himself till his room where he finds a kid, his father’s second wives son. Then we know how the movie was going to proceed. Good thing was his father didn’t have a horrible flashback justifying his deeds. And he remains the same till the end.

If the story had involved Rohan and the warden who catches them it’d have been awesome. In the first few minutes the warden does a fabulous job. I’d have loved to see more of him. He’s a kind of person who walks away doing his job. Hated by everyone and living his life in silence. The movie was fabulous till then.

Right after that Rohan lives a horrible life with his father and step brother. The only respite is his uncle and his college seniors whom he meets in the bar. The scenes in the bar were fabulous with dialogues superbly written. Rest all were taken out of a breakthrough film template. An arrogant father who abuses him for each and everything, a kind uncle and an unknown kid. Jogging in the morning is icing on the cake.

Best scene of the film is the one where he tells story. It was awesomely built up with great music in the background. Amit Trivedi is one hell of a music director. See how he underplays here. If I make a Hindi film he’ll be the first guy I’d sign. What I loved above all this is his attitude. That too in the climax when he races his father down and laughs at him it was awesome.


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