Movie Review – Moodar Koodam

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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This fellow has done everything residing in his cranium for this film. Right from black and white, retro, sepia, western music, animation, clay, anime, romance, humor, sentiment, politics, communism to black comedy, which is the covering for the film. People without movie knowledge would have found it difficult to understand it but for the ones who could find the significance of each and every scene, boy, it was a treat. Sorry for saying this again and again, this is the golden age of Tamil cinema, if I don’t do film now I’ll never be able to do.

Moodar Koodam

Moodar Koodam made my day. What an awesome film to have watched on a Sunday evening. This film would have been great to have watched any time, any day of the year. Damn, I missed it in theatres. The scene where the curly haired guy talks about talking in Tamil would have gathered the loudest of applause in cinema. But it’s not for the masses. It’s not like how Vijay talks about bra and jatti in Thirupachi or Sivakasi or whatever the movie was. That’s where Naveen stands out.

The communist idea too was brilliantly interwoven. Every dialogue of Naveen is so brilliant that it makes us to clench our jaw and support him. I’m not a communist but the way this guy has shown his thoughts were brilliant. Hats off the pazam, nari and kodi rooba dialogues. These things doesn’t seem to have been forced in the movie. And it wasn’t as violent as Rams movie too. Ram scares the shit out of me but Naveen gives it a right balance. It was funny when the others say, “enna boss neenga matum hero aga pakuringala, enna neenga thaan MGRah naanga ellam alla kaiya” and in the climax where one of the guys says “dialogue ellam nala thaan boss pesuringa ana aduthu ena seyaporom, pasikuthae” to which also he starts saying a dialogue, “vazhkayoda modhal pathai…” Dialogues truly were fabulous and so were the way it was delivered. Every time the other fellows irritate him the way in which he’s composed yet angry was fabulously delivered. Naveen was not only good in direction, even acting wise he was brilliant.

It had a fabulous song, oh Farzana. Not sure whether it was cut in the version I saw was it didn’t feature in the film at all. Because only that guys flashback was missing. The song would have been ideal to have been put during the juncture where Oviya goes with his boyfriend. The guy without the flashback is the one who unites them. Even after that Naveen says a great dialogue about love being a luxury for people like them whose next meal is a question mark.

Music once again was top notch. Guess all the tunes were supposed to be similar. It would have been intentional as every music reminded me of a different version of Farzana. I don’t think it would have happened by chance. A music director couldn’t be so dumb to have copied his own songs again and again in the same movie. May be that’s why the album got mediocre reviews, people would have thought that he was monotonous. This guy deserves an applause though or the director, whose ever idea it was to use this same kind of music for all the songs.


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