Movie Review – 2 States

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Alia Bhatt!!! One sole reason to watch the movie. One sole reason why I didn’t want to miss this movie on theatres. Half the time goes off seeing her in sari which she wears in that way, trying hard to stay in her barely there hips. And in the rest of the time I watched the film I must say I was a disappointed guy. At least till the climax. But Alia barely looked like a Tamilian or Madrasi or Madrasan. Madrasi I’ve heard a lot but what is Madrasan?

2 states

It was complete opposite of how the book attracted me. The start was great followed by a mediocre middle part followed by a bad melodramatic climax. But here in the movie it was both their parents who made the film a great one. The start was pathetic with absolutely no chemistry between the lead pair, the middle part where Arjun tries to woo Alia’s parents followed by she doing the reverse was good and best part was the melodrama in the climax. Thanks to Revathi and co. See what one seasoned actress could to an otherwise insipid cast. Revathi and Ronit Roy steal the show in what was about Alia and Arjun.

I was terribly disappointed by the time interval came. They could have done a lot better in the college part. After all it’s a love story. And what happened to the mole which Arjun mentions after the kissing scene. In spite of a number of a number of kissing scene no chemistry could be sparked between the two. And comedy too doesn’t come to Arjun. Be it the sambar scene, the shorts scene or the proposal scene. He was really pathetic as a loser. But once he’s in Chennai he gets a lot better, a lot better loser that is. May be he’s not confident enough to stand next to Alia. But the same guy keeps a great sad face during the climax. That part of loser suits him well. In spite of being such a bad actor he gets all pretty heroines.

Even though they’ve gone to the length of using the same dialogue from the book they were careful not to use scenes which could be direct attack on South/North Indians. And that taming has spoiled the fun. The first scene where Arjun comes to Chennai involving autowala is an iconic one and so were the one where they both kiss each other, when the girls’ father drinks using a table spoon. All these scene even though cinematic could have been added to add more fun.

The music too was mediocre in the beginning but everything comes together during climax. May be the director Abhishek Varman believed in the climax more than anything else. And that’s why everything comes together so beautifully during the climax. Again the climax scene they missed the scene were the groom runs off from the marriage hall.

This film definitely is nowhere near Kai Po Che. The director even hasn’t tried to make a movie like that but he could have attempted a sincere movie like 3 Idiots at least which too didn’t happen. All he wanted was to give a hit like Raja Rani. But it wasn’t even executed as well as Raja Rani.


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