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I don’t know why I liked Robinson Crusoe this much. It’s very rare when I can’t explain why I like a certain book or movie because that’s what I write about always. Robinson Crusoe is a person who gets cast away after his ship breaks. The initial few episodes with his father and about his ambitions were dull and monotonous but it picks up steam once he gets cast away.

robinson crusoe

The title doesn’t give anything away. Even though I’m not a fan of titles which has the leads name I still liked the name because it’s the only name we come across for most of the time. Here it’s special because it’s a story about Robinson Crusoe, not only the lead character but also the only character we read about most of the time. I don’t think that much thought would have gone in to select this title but still it made sense.

One good thing about the book is there is no hidden sympathy for beings other than him during his existence tale. In general when we see films or books now we could see a certain bit of villainy in killing animals or having slaves, even if it is a period film. But this book, as it was retaining few centuries ago didn’t have anything like that. When he wanted slaves, he wanted slaves. When he kills the animals, he kills it. That’s it. Everything is matter of fact. He doesn’t think too much and in turn doesn’t make us think too much too. He would be like, “I wanted the goat to be tame but it didn’t turn out to be so I killed it,” “I liked the young ones but started to eat my belongings so I shot them.” See, so simple!

The next part of the story after his initial survival tale becomes highly catholic. Though it’s understandable, that was the part that I didn’t like it. But I won’t go so far as to say that that should have been omitted because I know that a man alone in turmoil would be able to think of nothing but god because he’d have lost all the hope and want to say things to someone. As a normal human being who else better companion than the lord almighty is. But the funny thing is when his man Friday questions about his faith, it turns on a funny note.

Then comes the awesomest character in the story. His man Friday. In spite of reading about the character so long to I didn’t realize about the phrase. I was remembering him as Friday always. And how famous has this phrase become now. Even having a comedy caper titled, ‘His Girl Friday.’ My most favorite comedy movie till date. His devotion to this man Crusoe is unfathomable.

The rest of the story became predictable where Crusoe becomes a hero and saves Friday’s dad as well as a foreigner and going back to Brazil and England. The story got pace and also was hurried during this part. And the last part of story about what happens to Crusoe after landing and the mountain adventures could have been avoided. I know as it’s a book of the past he wanted to give a complete feeling but now it feels a bit lengthy and needless.

Coming back to what I said first, if I have to make sense of why I liked the book may be because as humans we all want to get out of routine and we wouldn’t do that unless we are compelled to. We want an experience like Crusoe but we wouldn’t do it on our own but complain of our routine life. When thrown into such a situation we’d have a story to tell.

You don’t know what Antoine Roquentin really experiences when he says he’s having nausea and he doesn’t exist. The existence here is more inclined towards the term existentialism. He tries to break down every possible situation with a series of thoughts and take worse out of it. There is nothing called as living for him. So living rather than existing doesn’t have any meaning to him. For him existing his the highest form of being alive. Rest are mere objects which are objectified by further more mere beings.


Antoine Roquentin is a thirty year old man who’s leaving France in few days. In a book where no description of human beings were given and mostly delves around metaphysical elements this info that he’s 30 years old sits in our mind. It’s quite obvious that he wants us to know that he’s 30 years old. That’s the only certain part we know about Antoine. Rest are the things that he describes how the world is.

He gets into lots of thoughts that runs constantly in his mind. That’s how he sees the world. But the way it’s written he doesn’t come across as a weirdo. The way he describes about the people when he talks to autodidact is awesome. The spider jumping from the hand, eyes popping out of the skull. All these things are thoughts of a human who is not fond of existence. A severely annoyed man would see things that way. This is when responsibility helps. When you are responsible individual your thought process works in stem with the other responsible people in the group. So you see the world the way others see. This is normalcy. Just when you are not worried about your death, about the life that you’re actually living you start seeing things. Start imagining things. The probability of events that could happen for the situations at those junctures.

There are a lot of psychological elements. A complete understanding which I didn’t get. But psychology interests me. It puts into scope of something that could be seen only by few people. It’s imaginative but not like electrons and neutrons. When we were taught that electrons revolve around nucleus and earth revolves around the sun. There isn’t much difference the way I thought. When I’m to think of what people would have thought for the situation. The study makes interesting.

Antoine Roquentin and Sartre are one and the same. The style of the book is very appealing. Constantly interchanging between reality and fiction. All through Antoine wants to write a book which is as hard as steel but is this the book he’s really talking about that he wants to be written. If that’s the case it’s a true present tense book. He doesn’t want his book to be a thing of past. And he very well knows that he whatever written is a thing of the past. He mentions these things as a cue to us.

The intellectualism he presents through Antoine is awesome. The autodidact too comes across as an individual who is very knowledgeable but it actually is a mockery. We could clearly differentiate between the autodidact’s intellectualism and his. When he irritates him and meets him during climax he knows that the autodidact won’t like him and he reacts in the same way too. This is where we could differentiate the intellectualism of the two guys. Even though all the knowledge that the autodidact has got through is through books he still couldn’t come to the present terms. The autodidact knows that Antoine is an intelligent man but once he’s angered he loses the opinion whereas Antoine knows that the autodidact is not existential like him but still understands why he’s considered intelligent by people.

I say Satre and Antoine are same because what individual would reject Nobel prize saying it’s all bourgeoisie fallacy.

The Catcher in the Rye killed me. It surely did. There are a million ways to express joy but I choose to express the way Holden does. Every day I read the book I thought of various things to write about it and various way to start the review but I did the way I wanted to at this moment. That’s how Catcher was written. Everything is momentary, everything is bloody spontaneous. There is no explanation, no description, no nothing. This is the best book I’ll ever read. I bet.

the catcher in the rye

How do you feel when you read a couple of pages and get to know that someone six decades ago has written exactly like you? The joy knew no bounds. I thought I was his fucking reincarnation. That’s what I thought. Many associate my writing style to that of Chetan Bhagat. I wasn’t very proud of it but I’m here because of his Five Point Someone. He is the one who made a lousy me read. So of course there are influences of him in my writing. But when I was said Chetan I was never really proud even though I said thanks and all from the heart. But if someone somewhere down the line says that I write like J. D. Salinger I’ll give my life for them. I bet I’ll. Even if they say I copy Salinger I’ll be happy as hell.

Not only his writing style is like me. He has even used the exact words I’ve used. Remember Holden calling Sally after getting drunk like Hell. Sally asks who is with him. He replies saying that he’s all alone, “Me, Myself and I,” something like that. And guess what that was the title of my first bloody blog post. I’ve been posting stories in Bulleting Board. I like using cuss words a lot because that’s the way I talk once I entered college. I wanted to be that cool guy because I never used them before I joined college even though I knew every single one of them with the meaning. Like everyone who enters college wanting to be next hero I too did but ended up deep in dumps. Thanks to my college. Even if you ask me 50 years down the line I’d still say that my most horrible period in life was between 17 and 21. Even though I got used to all that crap by a couple of years it still was the worst phase of life.

When you get pushed to the wall what you do. You rebel. They say youth itself rebels and all but I never did as a matter of fact because I didn’t have the guts to. But once I came out of the college what I did. I started to write. Why? To come out of depression. You see that’s my idea of rebelling. I could be a pretty phony guy you see. I don’t even know whether I’d come this far if I had not had a horrible college life. But just because I’ve started writing and all I can’t go without cursing my college life. This is what happens when I start talking about my college. I become hyper.

I’m this time tablish guy. Ideally I should have written this review – which I wanted to be like a thesis, a big fat one – on a Friday night as soon as I finished the book but I didn’t do because I was depressed. This Holden guy spoiled my day. I know I wouldn’t be able to write whole heartedly if I had written then. On any other day I’d have let the brain do the talking but this Holden guy made my heart do the taking. The very first day I started reading this the book I could have written a bloody novel in that one night. Because seeing this Catcher as a book I felt as if I got a book from other planet written by me. All this Déjà vu and crap.

My friend repeatedly wanted me to read this saying he felt like it was me who has written this book. Friends stay stuff like that. They exaggerate something so much that you’ll end up hating the stuff they want to see you. I couldn’t understand why David was hate so many. It was a fabulous film. The very next day after watching Taxi Driver I was raving it to my senior about it. He said, “be quiet don’t recommend this film to anyone, they’ll kill you.” I bet they’d have. If some stuff moves you it doesn’t necessarily have to move others. But if somebody is gonna say that they didn’t like Catcher I’m gonna kill them. I swear I’ll.

This guy Holden cries all of a sudden. Don’t know why I started feeling sorry for him. I wanted to cry for him. It’s been a long time since I cried. It was during my 12th I used to cry every other night. Bloody pressure. I used to flunk in every subject other than English and Tamil. All these definitions, derivation and all that crap used to scare the hell out of me. If you switch on the light, bulb glows why the hell do you want to know why? I’d rather listen to my Tamil teacher teaching me Silapathigaram for one hundred times.

You know what’s the best thing about language, you don’t need to concentrate. I live in two worlds if you don’t know. One where you actually see me and one in a Shinigami world where I’m the king and all. Everything moves according to me. If I don’t like someone I could kill immediately, if I want to a girl I could give her the time. I could do everything I want. You know the world at your disposal kind of stuff. So that’s what I keep on thinking when they teach me. When they teach me Silapathigaram. I get to become the king and I see the world from his point. When the next character comes I could be the same. If the story happens in mars I’ll be there too. Who the hell cares about oxygen in dreams? I couldn’t do the same thing when they teach me physics. When they teach me Bohrs Atomic model and ask me to imagine all these neutrons and electrons, all I could think of is planets. With sun sucking all the planets in. I couldn’t see that stuff like Bohr does. You get what I mean? Similarly C V Raman. Who cares why the color of water is blue. They taught me water is colourless in my first standard. What if its blue, there is some blue paper beneath it that’s it. Who cares about the particles splitting, the bloody VIBGYOR and all that stuff. But I don’t know how so many guys are imaginative and all. I couldn’t imagine at all in that front. And they call me dreamer for writing. But things like this I couldn’t make all those phony guys out there to understand. That’s why I like writing. I don’t give a damn what others think. I’m not a misanthrope but. Just because I go treks they think I’m a misanthrope. And one who is really interested should be a misanthrope is what they think. I don’t like going and talking to strangers. Only pretty girls excite me. But I always want people around me. I feel so lonely when I’m left alone. I bloody do. But when I’m at home all the time I need my privacy. I need my separate room and all with the back of computer facing the door and all so that my dad doesn’t come deep inside, dig his head and ask me something stupid.

Not only did this guy made me cry. This guy made me laugh a hell lot to. Yeah how couldn’t you when he pretends to have a bullet in his stomach, tells that his dad wont wake up even if he puts a bloody basket in his head, hits the behind of Old phoebe when its up in the air and best of the lot when he says he’d volunteer to be on top of a fucking atomic bomb. I laughed like hell. When I read and I laugh I remain conscious so that no one would see it. I don’t do it when I watch something but books I’m conscious but this guy he made me laugh like hell. Like a madman and all.

Every time some characters come up, there was nothing preposterous. I could exactly identify them like Holden does. I forget this name Holden every now and then. Have to refer to Wikipedia every now and then. This spoils my flow. Damn it! Ya, so when the characters comes up he doesn’t say that this guy is a tall guy, with 3.5 cm moustache. Who cares about how he looks. You read books so that your imagination could go wild so when he says he meets someone imagine in whichever way you want. Even with a trunk, antenna and all. Who the hell cares? But I could see them how Holden saw. I bet I did. May be I’m a disturbed child like he is. May be he’s not disturbed at all and everyone around him are hoodlums. Why worry? At least there is one guy in this world living his life without caring of anything.

You want me to call this book a spiritual experience, I bet I’d call it so. Why should a book which is so tough to read with all broken up fonts, character is dire straits have to be an artistic one. Can’t this Holden guy be artistic with all his happiness, depression and all? He can be. I say he can be. I say that because I never really intended to write all these things in first place but I did. I knew I’d be writing a bloody composition on this book but I didn’t know what it’d contain but I did. This guy made me do it. I can’t remember my fingers moving this fast for writing, syncing perfectly with my heart. There is no middleman, the catalyst, that idiotic brain to stop the flow you see, after processing and all. It’s a dust tea with lot of dust but it surely tastes well. What’s the point in refining when you are not going to enjoy it? Prepare it for fucking 40 minutes and drink it in 40 seconds. What’s the point?

See… I never know how to conclude and what to conclude and all but I’ll say I’ll die a happy man now that I’ve read Catcher. I’ll go to heaven and all if there is one and fight all the shinigami’s around. I’ll be a king there finally with the whole world at my disposal. I bet I’ll.

When you try to go out of the comfort zone the first thing that you want to do is quit. When I first ventured into art movies, something serious, it was very difficult to concentrate and also was difficult to understand the complexity. I was so asking questions for each and everything. Every portion would make me ask ‘Why?’ Thankfully I had a friend Pandi who was explaining each and everything. But more than everything he said me this, “If you don’t understand something may be its not meant to be understood.” Those were not his original words but that’s how I’ll remember them. Like how the quote, “Be the change that you want to see in the world,” cemented in my mind seeing in the grave of Scofield than when knowing that as Gandhi’s quote.

the trial

The Trial was one such book where you don’t exactly know what’s happening but you get intrigued to it. You somehow sense genius inside it but couldn’t define it. It generally happens with modern art. But this time I had to make sure. Movie is all about an hour and a half of concentration. But what I read when I do a shaky travel with so much thoughts about so many things I can never be sure if I had read properly and it’s no normal novel. So to check what I had missed I checked Wikipedia. I was shocked that I haven’t missed anything which is quite abnormal. Even with normal movies, books I tend to miss something and get the info from Wikipedia but here I was quite shocked that I had covered everything.

Not only that there were also a string of information like the story was never completed, it wasn’t mentioned what crime K. was subjugated to. So that told me the whole meaning of the book. But in spite of all this if the book still continued to intrigue me then it must really mean something. There were a bunch of bizarre characters starting with K. If in foreign movies it’s the face which confuses me, in foreign literature it’s the name. I could never guess from a name whether it was male or female. So when K. discuss about the person next door. All the while I was thinking that it was a male and suddenly he goes and kisses that person. Only then I got to know that it’s a lady.

Confusions like this was what irritating. I’m absolutely fine with having a court on top of an old building, wife of a court official being intimate with K., a couple of seminude children sexually taunting Titorelli, the painter because I could understand what he’s trying. It’s all these bizarre situations and weird characters which push you beyond the realm of existential forms.

K. is not a character you’ll relate too. You sense his confusion but you really don’t know why he is being troubled by all the people there. There are no one in the book who’s reliable. Not even the narrator himself. Everything is left to up to be judged. Who is good, who is not and everything. But not giving the entire premise even we fail to do so. There are a lot of allegories and symbolism floating around but nothing would make sense if you don’t realize that’s what it was. I didn’t do much research on the symbolisms because I got what I wanted. A leap into the next level of novels.

It rightly is there on top of most loved books ever. This book is lovable for sure. It’s not easy to write a book where characters talk about marriage and marriage all the while. It’s the opposite of what I call as a no nonsense book. They do talk non sense. Isn’t it what we do daily in our everyday life? But after a point I felt pointless. What intrigued me first as a humor started to become irritating. Except for Lizzy – I prefer to call her that, it brings a certain bit of intimacy between me and her – no one really made sense.


“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife,” is how the book begins. And till the end that’s what happens. Darcy right from the first seem to be an amiable person to be. I wasn’t even sure why he wasn’t liked. With English you’ve this problem. You don’t even know whether they are fighting for real. They come as a heavily cultured group where sarcasm is the highest form of showing anger.

And it was also a welcome break when neither the first nor the last daughter was the protagonist. But it was not a book which was aimed at breaking the mold. But it still does in the initial few pages. I was tired of people eating their hands out of poverty. The marriage discussion was a welcome break. That’s how I have lived life where parents think that marriage is the ultimate happiness that they could give to their children. Probably I’ll also be like this in a few years. When it comes to family I’m not broad minded at all. I’m not proud of it but neither could I deny that.

But a setting like this where a mother wants to get their daughter married off could easily have been made cheap but it was well written. There is of course humor. I’d have expected a more serious book but I could understand Jane Austen’s intention. I guess Jane Austen writes sitting in her room table near her window on a mild Saturday evening not like Flaubert locking himself writing and re writing the same passage again and again and in spite of all this never getting satisfied. Because Flauberts’ novel deals more about psychological elements than the basic needs whereas Jane Austen writes about people, normal people like us but just in different century.

Even though I felt good reading this book I didn’t get the satisfaction I expected. The petty talks and conversations over dinner made it more like a tea time book than being a proper novel.

I have this habit of reading a book till a certain point. Shoving it in shelf because I couldn’t concentrate and taking it back again from the shelf to read it thoroughly. This time I decided that I’ll complete this 880 odd page classic in one trip of mine. Well those two days of train journey weren’t enough for it. But whatever I read on the train and on top of Spiti were the best pages of the book. Right after that, it was a hectic every day evening bus activity where I could hardly concentrate. The first 250 pages which I wasn’t able to concentrate the first time were a gem this time. When I was down and out not knowing what to do on a hill top, the only companion I had was a naïve David Copperfield who takes everything in a positive manner. There came the best line in the book. When he visits his aunt’s house for the first time he sleeps in the couch. He wishes to be gotten up by the love of aunt being ready to cloth him, feed him. But on the contrary the place doesn’t look a bit changed. That was how I wished every time I slept on the hill top but nothing would change.

david copperfield

David Copperfield was the best love story I’ve read in spite the book not being a love story. The Dora and David part was adorable. Usually I hate these simple minded heroines who come across in the movies like mad people. But this time it was different. I loved the way David loved Dora and vice versa. I could also sympathize with every situation that Dora leaves David in, including the climax. I’m not sure how many of you expected David to Marry Agnes but that was always behind my mind. Yet there is nothing incestuous in it. He right through calls her sister and understand her affection as nothing but sisterly love. In the end he ends up marrying her and yet there is nothing offensive about their relationship. This shows the simplicity of his thoughts.

Everyone would love to meet a person like David, at least in fiction. The way he adores Steerforth is one more example of his simple thoughts and the brilliance of Dickens. Steerforth hasn’t done anything substantial to be praised a hero but that’s what the point is. We ought to see him from David’s point of view and his hero worship. You don’t necessarily have to win a world cup to be hailed as hero. A simple person who lifted you when you fell down from the bus too could be a hero. It is not easy to make a character so simple with everyday life being the core action of the story. In fact there is no action at all in the story. You could even say this road trip. With road being a metaphor with life. He goes around meets people and starts to go again with his life.

Though I failed to read the middle part of the book with full concentration yet I could never miss the continuity. I loved the way these English people quarrel. Do much decency I say. I loved it especially when Mrs. Murdstone and David Copperfields Aunt quarrel. Even Dick was an amazing character. He so much reminded me of Levitt’s dad in 50-50. Love the scene where Levitt’s parents accompany him to the doctor.

I gave a lot of my time for this book. If I had given the same amount of time with more leisure it’d have been an even better read. I don’t complain though.

Sex sells! And that’s about it. Dubbed as ‘Mummy Porn’ by some agency, ‘t was right to a certain extent. One of my friend commented about the book saying that these things won’t appeal for us but only for old people. I can’t comment on that but except for the glamour there wasn’t anything towards the end. What I thought would have great amount of sexual tension which the great film makers like Paul Thomas Anderson and Bernardo Bertolucci use it very judiciously, didn’t have any tension that was hyped for.


This book was more like a female fantasy where everyone looks beautiful in one way or other. One writer had mentioned before that in films we could easily differentiate between porn films and films which use sex as just a tool but in writing it’s very tough to differentiate. But this book has escaped the soft porn or ‘Mummy Porn’ status that it has been actually dubbed off. The book had a definite story, even though it’s minimal and used sex as only a tool. In fact there isn’t nothing much even in the sex part which we already don’t know.

Of the three books the one which appealed me most is the second one. The first one was interesting because I was reading pulp after a long time but the second book had some real tension and we could see E. L. James evolving as a writer. The best scene should be the one where Grey kneels down to show that he’d like to be even the submissive to get Ana back. That scene has great ingredient to be made into an awesome one. One more part I liked is when the Grey family share an inside joke according to Anastasia. We don’t get the explanation till the end. It’s good because we know what Anastasia knows. Other than that I couldn’t see much which I could appreciate. The last book was the dullest one with a highly guessable climax.

When making it into a feature film obviously you can’t make it as explicitly as the book. That is going to take away the meaning from the film. I don’t have even a bone in my body looking forward to see the movie but let’s see how it fares.

A good old fairy tale. All I could think of while reading the book was about me narrating the story to my kid. This would definitely be one of the stories that I’d be telling my kid. Can be tweaked in whichever way I want. Analyzing it from literary point of view the good thing about the book was the lead character never forgets that he’s out of his century. The last war part came in as a surprise for me, an unpleasant one. I couldn’t get it whether it was serious or a satire. On a whole a decent read.


A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

The above paragraph was supposed to be my review for the book but that’s hardly a review. May be you can call it an extended status message. Reviewing a book on literary terms is not really my thing because I’m not a good judge when it comes to language and with regards to this book the 6th century language was totally ungettable. Even the English by The Boss was farfetched for me. Not the regular Victorian types. Now thinking of Lord of the Rings I get the accusation by my friend. He said he didn’t like the Lord of the Rings for its English as it was too simple and too contemporary for a story happening a few thousand years before. Though I didn’t have that opinion while reading I certainly think it was true. Nevertheless Lord of the Rings is still an amazing book.

Coming to Connecticut the simplicity of the story is its biggest asset. And the characters play a major part in the success of the story. Each one is unique in their own way. But everyone there are definitely sixth centurions. When you see from the Boss’s point of view you could see how differently stupid they were. But actually they were stupid or not is debatable because there isn’t even a try to explain the situation of the story from a neutral angle. We see the world through The Boss’s eye and we see it in exactly the same way he wants us to see them.

And as I said I’m not completely sure about the last war part. Whether he yields himself to the sixth century and becomes part of it or is it a pun to see thousands and thousands of bodies flying in the air or is it a plain old way to end the story with a conclusion. My conscience pricks to choose the second option but I remember the situation getting unsettled towards the climax. That’s one reason why I couldn’t claim this a great book. The simplicity was lost by the gore. Not that I hate gore, in fact I’m a fan of it. But this just didn’t suit well.

Mark Twain’s humor throughout the book was unbeatable. A good old way to laugh out loud and certain anecdotes were fascinating too. I especially liked it when he said something about young teenagers, when few teens join in and throw stones at the vehicle he’s travelling in he says, “These young teens are the same in whichever century you go. If an old man goes by they’ll just yell out ‘there you go baldie’ without any reason.” Those were not the exact words but something more or so related to it. Even though I have this fascination for anything related to young teens this is a statement beyond the best.

When I had finished the first part of the Midnight’s children I thought this is going to replace Shantaram and become the best book I’ve read but the thought tapered towards the end. Nevertheless this book remains one of the best books that I’ve read and this is the first time I thought that I should write a book like this. This book gave me courage to absolutely write anything I want. I always wished to write in a certain manner where thoughts would be overlapped with each another but I thought that would not give the story a necessary literary structure. This book broke all the formulas of novel writing and gave me a wholesome experience.

midnights children

We hear the story through Saleem Sinhai and the story is similar to David Copperfield where it starts at a point even before Saleem is born. But the way these two books are handled are totally different. David Copperfield gives a more realistic feel whereas Midnight’s Children is a surreal novel. And this is the first time I’m reading a surreal novel. The way it blends Indian history with Saleem’s own experience is so fascinating. Naturally the book underwent a lot of protest but if Rushdie had targeted me as one of the guys in this rotting history I would not have complained. I’d have rather been fascinated by the talent.

But I started to get away from the book or rather lost concentration from the second part. There were certain moments where I was fascinated by the flawless humor but other parts were rather blank and I couldn’t get anything from it.

If I had loved the rest of the two parts like how I loved the first one this would have ended up to be the best book to have read by me.

All I knew about Khushwant Singh before reading this book was that he’s a cult porn writer. Not the exact term but that’s the idea I got about him from the public. How bad people judge others. Train to Pakistan shows how good a writer he is. When you have two sides fighting against each other it’s really tough to write an about them from an unbiased view point but here Khuswanth Singh has done that. The whole story is about Hindus and Muslims. At the end of the story there we could call no one the better out of two. Both are as bad as each other.


For every one of us the year 1947 means happiness but that’s the only thing that went around at that time. There were divides too, especially Indian Pakistan divide. Train to Pakistan is about this part of story from a neutral standpoint. Far away in the village of Mano Majra people are happy to live their life and be content. They don’t understand even the meaning of freedom because they are not directly impacted by it. In fact according to them they are getting their salary even because of the English men so they aren’t the happier lots about the freedom.

Everyone with powers is corrupt in Mano majra, not by choice buy without any option because they don’t know what to do with their powers. They try to shove innocent people to ground and these people too obey it without any questions because as far as they’ve known that’s the only way to live life. When Iqbal comes to preach them about their misgivings the villagers couldn’t understand his view point so he goes down as a failure. His final mumblings after getting drunk are the best two pages in the book.

There are of course pages about sex and he has written it well. May be bold at that point of time but I couldn’t call him an extraordinary writer of intimate scenes. He was good though. But the whole point about the book is how people turn evil without knowing themselves. It’s in depth character analysis is something many couldn’t achieve even after writing pages and pages. May be that’s why he’s called a genius!