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To Dad, With Love

Posted: June 21, 2015 in Cricket

To Dad,

As far as I remember the very first incident that comes to my mind on this special day is when my dad took an ailing me in bike to school during my 4th standard, may be, from my house in Chellapa Gramani Street to Sathya school which was five streets away from my home. I had this peculiar habit like every kid to get ill on the mornings to school. I get headaches on the mornings before going to school but the moment I see my friends it vanishes off. Similarly I had headache that day. My mom generally neglects whenever I say I have headache as she thought I was acting. She somehow knew when I was really ill and when I was feeling like I’m ill.

On that day she thought I wasn’t really ill but my dad who was always concerned about my headache no matter what, was skeptic about me going to school that day. But with much reluctance I went to school. I have a habit of sitting in my dad’s scooter facing the road and not him i.e. in the opposite direction, if you know what I mean. On that day as I was not feeling well I sat with my face facing his back. We had to cross Purasaiwalkam market to reach school. After crossing a couple of streets. I vomited on him. I was very much embarrassed as I vomited on him on a place where he is known. And that too during school hours the area used to be crowded beyond imagination. A street dweller there asked my dad, “Em pa ipdi odambu sariyilatha payana schooluku itunu porae?” He gave a smile and dropped me back home. I slept for a couple of hours and got up. My fever totally vanished and I forgot the incident. But ever since then I’ve wanted to say sorry to my dad for embarrassing him in public. Dad, sorry!

If I have to say sorry there are millions of incidences. Being a parent one is bound be on that side, that’s a fate. But when it comes to humiliations the closest that comes next to this is my dad standing in front of teachers during my parent teachers meeting. One thing I absolutely hated. I have hated studies ever since I remember. However I try I couldn’t concentrate during a lecture, I couldn’t study for more than ten minutes at a stretch. After my dad faces humiliation in front of my teacher, after every term exams, after every birthday and after every New Year I take an oath to get good marks but it never happened. Well… that’s me for you. A sorry again Dad!

I’ve been to his office a numerous times and I see almost all the people praising and lauding him and I see him mingling well with a lot many people. No partiality and stuff. His jokes which are worse at home works very well in office. He talks very less in office. Though our criticism to stop cracking stupid jokes has made him a person who cracks good jokes, credit has to be given to him for implementing it so efficiently.

Not only in office, every time I go to my home town the immense respect he gets is truly commendable. My mom’s side relatives naturally don’t like my grandma i.e. my dad’s mom but they themselves have said that they were keeping mum because of my dad.

Just because my dad is retiring today I don’t want to say he is perfect in everything he has his own flaws; he has things that irritates me the most. The first thing that comes to my mind is his optimism. I’ll quote an example. The nearest railway station from my home is 1 km whereas the bus stop to home where we previously stayed is about 500 meters. Instead of considering this as an issue he says that it’s good as he could walk which in turn is good for his health. People who hear it, third person won’t know how much it irritates. It’s okay to say that it’s good to walk but sometimes facts have to be accepted. Never is all izz well.

The second most annoying thing is his attempt to get perfection. He doesn’t want even a single criticism against him. Be it during house warming ceremony or the recent 60th birthday celebration. He wants to hear only good words from people. He’s 60 but still he’s not able to accept that perfection is a myth.

But say whatever he has worked for 42 years and 39 years in the same company. A true workaholic, a term that he doesn’t like to be termed with but a term which defines him. My mom hates him for being so. I’m amazed as to how some person can be a workaholic for 39 years. I’ve barely managed 3 years in office but the amount of insults, criticisms is more than ever. He 39 years in office definitely wouldn’t have been all fruitful. Though he’s facing a few problems now I have never seen him complain about his office. For his sincerity he definitely deserves a bow.

Finally, something which I always wanted to say but always felt shy to say, particularly coming from me this might sound even more cheesy. Whatever, Love You Dad. And as usual this piece too will go public without anyone in my family knowing about me.

And as for the title, E.R. Braithwaite To sir with love is one of my dad’s favorite books which I’m still to read. I found this title apt to tweak so that it fits the piece like a tee. Apt enough isn’t it?

With love,
Your son
M N Vikram

This must be one of the best titles for a movie in recent time. Totally tells what the movie is about. There was an article about this movie, the trailer to be precise which had Kalki Koechlin sipping margarita with a straw. The article was about how deformity was handled in a different way. I was thinking about watching this movie right from that time.

margarita with a straw

The opening of the movie was beautiful with Revathi riding a Little Miss sunshine Volkswagen type of van with her two sons and husband taking the back seat. She indeed is the lady driving the family. Her husband plays a second fiddle. But that doesn’t mean that he is henpecked under her thumb. Just that she takes the onus on her.

We get to see Kalki Koechlin at last, smiling her usual quirky smile. You get to know about her deformity only after sometime but she’s part of a happier lot. Her dad sings, he has a ‘boyfriend’ in college who shows her how there is a girl who shows her skin. The opening indeed was beautiful. Then it delves into regular factors like sympathy, insecurity, society etc. which I must say was handled quite maturely. But it would have been better if the movie had been happy like how it started.

The movie rather takes a turn towards her sexual experiences. Something new that has been done. It was better than the way how the mute girls’ story was handled in Babel. May be Margarita with Straw means something. Drinks not being something which everyone take and that too with a straw. May be the margarita is her sexual experience and straw is her. Something which doesn’t go together.

Every single actor was brilliant. Revathi was fab taking care of Kalki, the Pakistani girl whom I first couldn’t find out to be blind was brilliant too. Singh was terrific with what little screen space he gets. But the highest mark would go to that kid who was so damn brilliant be it kidding about her sisters’ boyfriend, or asking his dad to stop singing, or using torch light at night or the best when he handles the remote after his mother dies. That faint little smile in the midst of sadness was so natural.

When you watch these type of films it takes a while to get used to forget the image and accept the actor as the character. And that gets increasingly tough when you haven’t watched trailer or any other scenes before the film. But Kalki Koechlin immediately makes us forget that she is Kalki and makes us remember her as Laila but we can’t help but adore Kalki for being Laila.

In spite of the film being good on a whole, the climax steals the show. Kalki for some reason looks unnaturally pretty. I know her kind of pretty but she was beautiful here. Especially in the climax in that orange dress. Even though I guessed the climax it still was fabulous. Whoever did make up for Kalki, kudos!

Ankhon Dekhi is an experience. An experience which one has to experience oneself, to be seen through their own eyes. Ankhon Dekhi is a kind of film if you watch in theatres you don’t want to go home immediately, you don’t want to talk about to your friend who has come you, a kind of film if you watch at home you don’t want to get out of the room you watched, you want that void, the void where you could feel every single particle around you, you don’t want that last Sitar or Veena piece to end, the time you understand Hindustani, the time you understand love, the time you understand death, the time you want to die but yet you can’t because you’re not yet Bauji.

ankhon dekhi

Who said you need LSD to get out of the body experience. You can get it through Ankhon Dekhi. I know I’m going to post this review but I don’t want to. Once Allen replied to some question, it was about a play writer. He said that the play writer feels, “why should I make this to production, why couldn’t I just write it and throw it off in my desk.” Even I’d want to do that. But I know that people are gonna watch this film, at least a couple of people because of my post. Generally I don’t intend people to watch the films I recommend. I stopped recommending films since I watched Taxi Driver. I can’t let them have my experience. But this one film I want everyone to watch but I won’t say so. I still won’t recommend. Everyone should watch at some point of time, through some means, but it has to happen. Shouldn’t happen through me.

I knew for sure that I’m going to cry for the movie. I did so. It has become a habit now. I’ve started getting involved too much of characters. With a short film I made being released just now, for the first five minutes when the titles were flashing I was looking at the camera work, the angles. I lost track of it as soon as that moving shot of one room to other got over, the scene where Bauji feeds his daughter. I thought I’d mention about how she rejects the food but says she eats it because she is hungry and not because it tasted good. I thought I’ll show how intelligent I’m.

But what’s intelligence if you have not lived your life. Even life has become so literal nowadays. Life’s biggest pleasures are jumping out plane and diving inside water. What about love. What about sex. What about keeping your mouth shut when you want to. What about talking what you wanted to. What about relishing the food that you eat daily. Sujatha once in his ten commandments said that, respect your parents. It should be added to the bucket list. Why is bunking classes and doing the odd thing always a fad. Why can’t we live like our father whose only aim is to save for their children? Trust me, normal is overrated.

I think there was a program called as Ankhon Dekhi in Doordarshan before, used to come along with Aaj Tak or something. A lady with loud make up used to talk about world affairs. The promo was people getting beaten up, a man setting himself ablaze. It was so depressing. It is some program you don’t want your kid to watch. Better to sleep off after Junoon. Life would be so simple.

This movie could have been easily made in Linklater style, Bauji could be shown a genius. But what’s the point. You won’t love him. There are lot of stages where he could have jumped from a normal person to the sanest person. I thought the movie would take a U-turn when the boy who keeps talking stops talking, but it doesn’t. I thought it’d be anticlimax when the gambler asks Bauji to come and play. It doesn’t.

I loved that girl. She comes and sits there like that in the bed. From where did that kissing scene come? It beat Band Baja Baraat. If Band Baja was about lighting, effects, mood. This was about life. I mean you need to have that kissing scene. If she would have gone out without kissing him it’d have been so unfair. What would have the censor board said if they had had to cut the scene. How to prove them the scene has to be there. Nothing phenomenal is gonna happen if the scene isn’t there but it has to be there. Do you even get it?

What about the motif, the inner story, the idiosyncrasies. What about why Bauji was like Bauji. What about the movie. What is it trying to say? What I my trying to say. What I’m trying to say is watch the movie, live your life. But why would you want to listen to me. Listen to yourself. Be sad. Be very Sad!

Today is the day. The today you are reading here is not actually today but a couple of weeks back. The idea of posting something specific on a specific day is good but you can’t put all your works, thinking on the same day. It’s the culmination of your thoughts on the days leading to it. Last time when I wanted to write something about my dad’s retirement I wrote it on his retirement day which was quite an emotional one for me but couldn’t write as well as I would have wanted to. Partly due to haste and partly due to nerves. I should have written stuffs few days before that or even in a number of sittings before the day and finally should have posted it on his retirement day. But that’s history.


Today is also the day because I feel satisfied. I’m a man who doesn’t get satisfied that easily. Not that I want moon but I want everything in my plan to at least get over in the stipulated time that I want to. It was a great day right from the start. As a customary Saturday morning ritual I woke up late. Watched the remaining half of Andaz Apna Apna, slept again in the afternoon, wrote the review, watched Indian Rupee along with my parents which was awesome, got a few likes for my Facebook status. So it was quite satisfying. One more thing is that my cousin in not here in my room so I could write freely. This one hour time I get every night in my room is the best. You don’t hear voices here. Only music and silence. My room is my meditation place.

This idea of writing about by 25th birthday came a few months back. I felt I’ve grown in stature in the last few years. I usually keep my birthday and New Year as a check point to see what all things I’ve done and things that I should do. Till my school years it was always about the chapters I should finish which by the way I was never able to fulfil but now I’m doing stuff, some real stuff! Also meanwhile my friend Marshal’s birthday note too was awesome. Also I’m getting worked up writing reviews all the time. I should spend some time writing about something else. There is also an unfinished story but that can wait. Also at 25 years I feel I’ve lived one third of the life of an average human being but really lived 4 years of real life. Add to it, right from the day I got into production I wanted to write my last day letter which hasn’t happened yet so this could be another vent.

I’ve always been the planner, the organizer. Whats worse is if I’ve to have my surprise birthday party. I have to plan that one too. It’d be awesome to have a surprise birthday party like those happening in movies but I know it’d never happen. And I don’t also don’t show myself of being a person who is fond of birthday parties and gifts. But come on, even I’m human.

Ok let’s trace the history, I was born on this day 25 years back. But there is a confusion about the day I was born. In our family we have a tradition that one should not cut his (her is ruled out here because, being in a conservative family our ancestors thought a woman would never go to salon) hair on his birthday. So all through the year I was deprived of going to the barber shop on a Sunday. The one day where an average human being wakes up late, eats non veg and goes to a barber shop. Just few days back while seeing my Jathagam it was confirmed that I was born on a Saturday. But never mind I’ve started cutting my hair on Sundays. Who will get up on 6’o clock on Monday/ Wednesday (the only days we were supposed to cut our hair) just to visit the barber shop. Further I get up 5.30 daily to catch my bus so it’s near impossible situation.

So my first few years went well, till my days in Satya School I was a hero. It was a small school and I was known to everyone. Till 6th standard quarterly exam I was really good in studies. That is mugging up. Studies really depended on my teachers. If I like the teacher I study well otherwise I don’t. Cricket coaching on the other hand too was awesome. Actually I was good in studies only till 5th standard final exam were I secured 693/700 and got third rank and cried the next year because I didn’t know that they give ranks based on the average of quarterly, half yearly and final. In sixth it was my physical science exam. Everyone knew me as a student who studies well. Both I and my father took a conscious decision that he won’t help me in studies like writing the whole notes as he did in 5th standard. I didn’t have a clue in exam because I just read and didn’t study for the exam. It was the same with most of the people. Almost none studied because getting to sixth standard we thought we were big boys who were full pants and write with ink pen. They haven’t written the exam well but I was writing. After half the period was over I came to know that most of the people have submitted their test notes and I haven’t. Students were talking as if I was writing well and teacher was looking through the corner of my eyes and smiling. If you don’t know still I could lip read, so I could see her asking a fellow student about my name. That’s when the real inspiration came in. As soon I knew that she was interested in me I started writing stories as I didn’t have a clue what’s the paper about. But I was very afraid when the results came. I got 43/50 and was elated. She was the one who spoilt me as I stopped studying and started writing stories. But it’s also because of her that I could absolutely write about anything I want.

After that it was a steady decline, lost in studies, lost in looks. College was again a disaster, the biggest one thus far. No studies, no girls, no bad habits. You know how it is. All I wanted was to get over with it and join a company. That’s when I got into Infosys. Though I very well knew that I suck at computers, all these thoughts didn’t come to me at that time. Like how I take resolution during New Year and during my birthday that I will study and get first rank I took a resolution after placement that I’ll fare well. Training was horrible because I sucked at what’s the most important thing there, studies. Rest was awesome.

I came here on January 2011. I thought that my life was going to change. I read Shantaram, the second best novel I’ve read till now and my first heavy novel during that period. The first week staying there and not working in Mcity was awesome. Problems started from the second week, the bus journey started to get on me. Further a couple of my friends played a prank on me. I was getting a feeling that I was hopeless. I came home and cried in front of my parents one day. But again went back to office that day. There was a slight glimmer of hope when I got a new job which I liked after few months but again I couldn’t get into it as I couldn’t convince my dad. The lamentation continued. The first project I was in, I didn’t work at all. Every day was hell.

That’s when something phenomenal happened. I started to write. My first story, don’t know for some strange reason that wasn’t censored in spite of having a lot of cuss words. It was received very well. You should have seen how elated I was when I got my first appreciation. Reading it now, it feels really cheap without any structure but I only improved after that. Then another story and then another. Things were happening. I was getting better on that side but still was depressed as I didn’t get a project. Not that I’m fond of working but that how people make you think, that it’s your fault if you don’t get work.

Meanwhile when I thought that I’m going to take up new job I started going to ECC so that I could use all the facilities before I quit. Before that I was a regular 5.20 buser. It felt good. Especially salsa. But haven’t danced before or touched a girls hand, my hormones started dancing I was horrible in that too. All I took is one week break to go to Andaman and I couldn’t dance properly for the next six months thinking of the one week class that I missed. There was one very good girl, Maggi who was patient enough to teach me steps again and again but I failed again and again.

On the other hand while I was getting better at salsa I got a project, my best friends’ project. First six months of that too was hell. If not for Vimal I wouldn’t have been able to survive. The six months prior to that I could survive because of Jeeva. These were the two guys who helped me cross a year through their support. After Pandi left to FTII I didn’t have anyone to talk about movies. Jeeva is the one guy whom I thought understood me so I again started to watch movies.

On my personal front, outside office I was getting my confidence back, thanks to few travelling, guitar class and most mainly my white framed specs. I got confidence on my looks only after changing my clean cropped hair style to the present. The very first day I wore my white frame Veera complemented me. I felt I had arrived.

After a year of going here and there I finally got a confirmed project where they won’t interview me. In September 2012 I got settled. As I said, after my disastrous first six months. Two people I feared the most went out of first project and it was smooth sailing after that. There is still a bitch in the project but that’s fine. That’s negligible. I never thought that I would get a friend in my project but that too happened.

So coming to a conclusion it feels like I’m in my golden phase. Everything seems to be in proper place. No tension, no depression. This is bachelor life at its best. I’ve done a lot of things. Four years down the line I was an ugly bastard out of the college having no clue what to do but have developed a lot over the years. Many who finished college with me are still in the same state so it’s good that I’ve prospered.

After four years, I’m a trekker, a reviewer, a writer, a photographer, a dancer, flirt, loved, broke up, got girls, people have liked me, hated me, faced great many insults, gave them on their face but most importantly I’ve a couple of friends who take me as their idol which is the best thing that has happened in these four years and many more but yet I’m to a short film, publish a book, learn post processing, finish Ladakh, get my ear pierced etc. Lots have been done and lots to do.

Finally here’s me wishing me Happy Birthday and I Rock!!!

I’m not sure whether I’d have watched this movie if not for a friend’s family treat. Other than watching just for free of cost I actually did enjoy the promos of Raja Rani in Vijay TV. But that was a reason too for thinking whether it was a wise choice to watch movie. Owing to time constraint I had to pick and choose films nowadays. Arya is a charismatic guy when it comes to giving interviews, add to it there was Nayanthara who was stunning after a long time, the director was a youngster. The only one missed in all those interviews was cutie pie Nazria. Not sure why they haven’t included here. They could have attracted lot more viewers like me. One more thing other than the glamour I liked about the cast was the clarity of thoughts the director had. He didn’t look to be just another director. He was wise enough to tell about the story but not about the suspense.

raja rani

Coming to the movie, I wasn’t really in a steady state to criticize it. The movie had a decent story attached to it as said by the director and reasonably well executed. But thanks to face book there were little hints about things to expect. One had said that it’s a mix of every love story and other had said about Nazriya being super cute and twist in climax. So it wasn’t tough to find out what the climax will be, the suspense in Nazriya’s role or rather the love epic’s of yesteryears effect. In spite of all this the film worked to a certain fundamental level. That’s because the film didn’t have any flaws.

It was a surface level film alright and that’s where the comedians get to score and needless to say Santhanam was fabulous and songs played a huge part in making the film success. G. V. Prakash is one good music director who could give you a decent output for entertainers like this. You can’t expect a fabulous output like Gangs of Wasseypur with this movie but what he has done, he has done well. The song ‘Ai papa’ especially was very good. It could work very well if someone had to perform for an unplugged show. This guy has something in his voice too. His rendition is pure and soothing to hear. He sings the songs with a smile and that reflects on screen.

There isn’t much to look out for in the Nayanthara version of the story. It was like an extension of Engeyum Eppothum. But the pretty lady who played Nayanthara’s friend was a treat to watch. She was equally good looking in Neethanae En Ponvasantham too. She does justice to the petty friend role that she gets. In fact looks prettier than Nayanthara. Jai doesn’t do anything much to impress. Sathyaraj too was a disappointment playing a loving father. Everything was overdone. That’s why the film becomes a surface level one.

Here in Arya’s story the plot was as silly as the first one but Nazriya was a treat to watch. Add to it there was Santhanam. He was as witty as he could. This movie would go down as one of his finest performances. He just takes the movie through to the climax. There was an article title ‘comedy dada’ in a Tamil magazine a few weeks back. He stays true to the title. Nazriya as of now looks good as she’s doing what she does best. Being chirpy and all but the point is how long can she be doing the same. I hope she doesn’t get stuck in this mode like how Anushka got stuck in her bubbly mode after Band Baja Baraat.

The director struck gold with the characters he has used and cast for it. Even the story is a wee bit on the downside the characters take it forward because of some neat performances by the cast. All the love stories work and there is beautiful chemistry in each one of these. The director being a youngster could understand the young people’s vibe and being the assistant director of Shankar he has done well with all the commercial aspects. It’s a winner on cards; there is no doubt in that but beyond that will it stay in the memory? That’s the question. The answer is pretty much evident but that doesn’t seem to be a thing that the director would have worried about. Atlee being a youngster gets the sympathy of every youngster watching the film.

I had hardly watched any films when I watched The Shawshank Redemption. It was during the days when I couldn’t sit through movies which are long and boring. And as far as I remember it was the first lengthy movie which I watched. I didn’t have any opinion though after watching the movie. Only after sometime when I came to know that there is something called as imdb and it stands number one in the list of greatest movies of all time I came to know that I had watched a worthy movie. A few years later when I think about the movie I couldn’t find anything special for that to be at number one. And when I watched The Green Mile now it made me remember those days when I used to love Tom Hanks so much and the jail atmosphere made me remember The Shawshank Redemption. With those little bit of memories of the past I would rate The Green Mile higher than that of Shawshank Redemption. And watching Tom Hanks after a very long time I must say I was fond.


Frank Darabont seems to be having a fondness for Prison like me. I somehow like Prison movies. Not those mad heroic prison break movies but the movies which show humanness in prison. One more reason for me to like Virumandi, my favorite Kamals directional feature. The movie takes place mostly in prison except for the first and last few minutes. Of all the things I must appreciate Frank Darabont’s confidence. If it had been a movie which had happened in prison without any magical elements it’d still have been a good movie but because of the little bit fantasy thrown to us this movie becomes magical. It is confusing, yes as to why this must have happened but it gives us a new sort of experience which we’ve never had before. Realism plus fantasy. And it works quite well otherwise we would have easily brushed this off saying the movie is unrealistic.

We see five guys who are more like a family. Paul, Brutus, Harry and Dean along with sadistic Percy form a team of guys who supervise prison inmates who are to be electrocuted. Percy is the guy who irritates the inmates as well as the guards there in the prison so he’s hated unanimously. He gets his due from the giant John Coffey for all his deeds. John Coffey is the guy who is sentenced to death because citing that he has raped and killed a couple of kids but the guards who have a close watch of him get to know his magical powers and sensitive nature. Paul gets to see John’s memory and knows the truth of his innocence but as he doesn’t have any proof he has to carry on with his task.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon this film definitely worked for me. When I say this as a lazy Sunday afternoon film I don’t wish to analyze. It’d be left good as such.

 “Suna no onna” literally  meaning “Sand woman” is the original would have been a better title for this movie as we see a woman who’s obsessed with sand which shares a joy, sorrow, silence and above all her loneliness. But this title “Woman in the Dunes” too is apt as it gives a poetic touch to the whole movie and that’s how I viewed this movie by Avant-grade Japanese filmmaker Hiroshi Teshigara. Another reason that I could think of is the woman is not named throughout the film and we see the film from Niki’s point of view. All that he and in turn we see is the woman and the dune.


Woman in the Dunes expectedly didn’t get the Oscar it deserves. And how could it? It was one of the riskiest movies I have ever watched. The whole movie was shot is natural lighting. And whenever its night time we could hardly see anything on the screen. When he tries to escapes from the sand dune we’re lost as much as he is. It’s only the breathing and the panting Niki we hear.

Niki plays an entomologist who comes to the desert to find a rare breed of beetle which will eventually get his name in the books as a founder of rare insect. He misses the last bus from his village so accepts the offer of staying in the village for a night. Only when he gets up the next morning he finds the rope ladder gone and knows that he is trapped. What he does after it is the entire story.

Niki if he had been clever should have guessed at first place that he is about to be trapped. The villagers let him live with a lady. They call him old lady but I didn’t find her to be old enough. When Niki asks about others in the house she says that they are dead. I doubt that too. She asks him not to work on first day. He brushes aside that comment thinking it’s silly. On his first night he never takes anything seriously which eventually leads him into their trap.

On the next day when he gets up he sees one of the insect which is caught by him trapped in a glass bottle. Similar to his situation. In addition to the natural lighting everything seemed to have been taken on location. If Teshigara makes a disaster movie I don’t know how far he’d go. He definitely is a visionary.

The whole movie has sand to explain the emotions. When Niki is in fury the sand blows, when Niki is about to cry the sand slides like tear drop from the eyes, when Niki and the woman make sex there sand pattern goes wary.

It is an erotic thriller in a way. Well, what more can two persons (a man and woman) who know that they are going to be locked together forever do after a point? The first silhouette of a nude woman sleeping is superbly shot. And every time the director employs close up it’s a treat to watch. It’s extreme close up. We see the head of a moth fly at first then Niki holding an insect. The close ups are shot in a way it brings an erotic feel. When I looked at those pictures first I thought these pictures were taken by letting the insects sit on the woman’s body but I was proved wrong.

As a person who wanted to get noticed he gets thrilled when he finds out how to get water from the damp mud but using capillary action. Niki and the woman who by know had become like life partners are asked by the villagers to have sex in public so that Niki can go watch the river an hour per day. Niki who goes as far as raping the woman in front of the public as per their demand doesn’t leave the dune when he is gets a chance. He sees the rope ladder and his wooden barrel. Smiles and settles for the dune. 

Having said that it’s a well made porn there is no point in getting into the story. But being a pointless guy I’d better give away the storyline. A young, naive and beautiful Carrie Otis gets to join in a firm which sends her to city of sex Rio de Janeiro. She witnesses a couple having passionate sex and gets afraid. The first of the sex scene which happens between a black man and a fair brunette shot superbly.


The events which happen in the movie just lead to a series of well shot sex scenes. In the first sex scene of Carrie Otis there is a shot where camera focuses between her left leg through which we see a man licking and kissing her other leg. Brazil music and Samba dancers add glitz throughout the movie. The film ends with what is rumored to be unsimulated sex scene which happens between Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis.

As Ebert says in his review of this movie. The main aim of an erotic movie is to turn you on. But instead I’m talking about the camera set up in these shots. This shows that the movie didn’t create the impact that it wanted to.

Sorry I don’t have much else to tell about this film. If you want to watch porn better watch this movie. At least it has a story to it and picturised better and made with stars who know to act, somewhat.

Movie Review – Ugetsu

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Ugetsu is a good old movie made from good old fairytale, Tales of Moonlight and Rain. Set in Omi Province in 16th century in a war laden Japan there is a couple of family who reek of poverty but not of hopelessness. The setting helps this movie to great extent. Generally what we see during war is two enemies fighting with each other. After that at most we’d see what’s happening to the families of the fighters and what their real motives for fight are. But what we see here is a certain family who doesn’t even care why the war is going on but tries to cash in on the opportunity to make some quick money. The first lesson in the fairytale. Greed!


Greed takes Genjuro to such extent that he calls war good. No one in right mind would say that. But is it what everybody thinks as such. Are we all not greedy fellows who make use of the opportunity? May be if we had been at his spot we’d not have said war is good but we still would have gone on to sell those clay pots to make a living. And that’s the initial stage of greed. To make use of the opportunity instead of actually understanding why this opportunity arrived at first place.

Genjuro is not a guy who’s going to learn his lesson till the end. He’s the one whom we are going to see committing various mistake and in that way teaching us all a lesson or two. Masayuki Mori is a brilliant actor who does the role of Genjuro with élan. If by any chance he looks familiar yes he’s the actor who played samurai in Akira Kurosawa’s classic cult film Rashomon, my favorite of his. Even though he commits mistake every now and then, falters after it he never loses his confidence but moves on with his life. The only high point in him which makes him survive till the end. But it’s no reason to make us like him. He’s hated by us for all his deeds no matter what.

The next lesson we get to know is about the importance of family. It’s a really touching scene when Genjuro leaves his wife Miyagi and child in their village much to their dismay. Miyagi played by Kinuyo Tanaka, one of the regulars of Kenji Mizoguchi gets a rare chance to show her acting powers in this scene. Taking about Kinuyo Tanka, her best is definitely Sansho the Bailiff but the role she plays here is completely opposite to what she regularly does. Even though she has a good amount of screen space her role is not a dramatic one so she has to be subtle in every possible way which she does with ease. So just like a champagne waiting to come out of the bottle she explodes in this scene where she runs with her child on the banks of river with camera panning her all the while. Camera stops, waits for her to pick up the child and take on her back and then moves along with her. There is a slight shake when the camera stops while following her. May be it wanted to pay her a tribute so stopped when she did.

There is a straight opposite scene to this in Persona where Bibi Anderson walks in a beach and camera follows her. When she gets stuck by a stone the camera doesn’t stop her to get ready instead she runs fast to come back to frame. A cute scene that was.

The next lesson, never look at any other lady when you have a wife. This time Genjuro doesn’t really go for other lady but gets into a lady’s trap who is nothing but a fragment of his imagination. His way of enjoying life. He actually says this in a open garden with lake background where he sexually plays with Lady Wasaka. The whole set up looks just like a dream. A product of his fantasy. But it doesn’t take much time for him to realize that he has committed a mistake.  Lady wasaka looked bit similar to his wife Miyagi or may be its just me. Machiko Kyo who plays Lady wasaka, probably the best of these three actors and has a powerful role in the film has carried this whole part of the film on her shoulders. Again her best is Rashomon. I’m just obsessed with it.

All the while there is another pair Tobei and Ohama. I found Tobei funny initially; he tickled my funny bone whenever he said he wanted to become a samurai. But I found the seriousness of it when he went with the head of a powerful samurai to become one among them. The next lesson – obsession. When he meets his wife in a brothel that’s when he realizes his mistake and goes back to his normal life. Her wife becomes a geisha out of contempt after being raped by in a Buddhist temple (a very brave scene during those times). If she had been left like that she’d have saved the honor of her husband by committing suicide. But the ones who raped her give her a couple of silver coins which insults her even further. That’s when she loses her self-respect and become a geisha.

Think of this story being told by a parent who is reading this book for the first time to his/her child. A child would understand only to that much what it should understand from the words and his/her parents explanation. But the real meaning would be understood by the parents who actually read this book and get to know what it is. That’s how the film is. Its how each one realizes. A fairy tale for an adult.