Movie Review – Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Posted: February 13, 2018 in Movie Reviews
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Come…Fall in Love (with marriage)

It was my first Hindi film in theatre I guess. It was not the time where Hindi movies were on theatres. So I watched it in a B-grade theatre with mosquito bites.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.jpg

DDLJ when watched looks quite outdated because this looks more of a marriage story than love story. This being said with the ephemeral idea of how love in India means finding a person to get married. The things that we are debating now are why there couldn’t be live in relationships, why couldn’t love be there outside marriage, why should love be restricted to just one person and lot of other #mychoice problems. But let’s rewind to the past. It was a time when we were coming out of teachers telling us during Valentine’s Day on how love doesn’t mean having boyfriends and girlfriends but it could be loving your parents, friends etc.

So this was the time period which was sandwiched between these two when we and our parents both were in a stage that Love Marriage is wrong. Better than now because we don’t understand their point on why love marriage is wrong and they don’t understand why we’re rooting for love marriage. So DDLJ happened in a time where there was just plain rage where both are in sync and one wants to out power each other. Read clearly its Love marriage that we are talking about and not Love. That’s a whole different topic. I’ll get a chance to talk on it when the next GVM movie releases I think.

For this generation – in fact even I don’t belong to DDLJ generation, even though I celebrate it, it would have been better if I had been in my teens at least to completely appreciate it – it’d be better to take YJDH and compare it with DDLJ rather than telling how JYDH had taken so many inspirations from DDLJ.

Raj – a rich spoilt brat, who drives Porsche to college, whose dad celebrates his failure in college and drinks beer with him and Simran – Sanskari ladki, who sings Om Jai Jagadish Hari, I don’t know who still sings that out loudly in their home, meet each other when they are on Euro trip. You can’t get a better setting to start a love story. A road trip and two charming people. What else do you expect? The locales are as exciting to watch like that of Jeans where they showed seven wonders.

I even though like SRK post this movie, I could understand why it was celebrated back then. It was like how we celebrate Bunny now. I found SRK far more convincing in his later movies like KKHH, KKKG. I’ll leave it to you to expand all the abbreviations.

I found the first half to be insipid with romance being cheesy and scenes not really working out. If not for SRK and Kajol it’d have been a very tough watch. When I got to interval it felt as if I watched one whole movie. I was completely exhausted.

But the second half of the movie, something I hardly remember, something I wasn’t expecting anything out of it, is the reason behind the movies success. Only when watching now I could see almost every scene in the second half of the movie was taken in some other movie. And how many loose, tight remakes we have seen of DDLJ, need not mention about the inspirations. But of all the movies, even after so many years, this looked like an organic way of making parents understand children’s love. Rest all still looks like acting. Only that it ranges from best to worst.



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