Movie Review – Sketch

Posted: January 13, 2018 in Movie Reviews
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Doesn’t etch in our memory. Still…

It’s always a pleasure to plan up for a Vikram movie, because it would be only me and my best friends. Ithellam Perumaya, kadamai. And on top of it, it was a festival weekend and we were striving so hard to get to theatres by 7 PM from all parts of Chennai. While all the way from office to theatre we were humming the theme music and entered the hall exactly at 7 AM for titles, we were so happy and got our money’s worth. If it could give this much happiness for a Vikram fan, which is like one in million, how would it be for a Vijay/Ajith fan which forms a majority and makes even a very meek movie a hit.


Sketch works because all you see is Vikram. There are hardly anyone who makes any impact. I think that’s been the problem post Anniyan where he wants to act big. And selects only big movies. He’s proud about it too. Don’t know how long it’s going to last. He’s able to pull off his part because of his confidence. No matter how bad the movie is he’d be doing his role sincerely because he believes in it. A trait which only Manorama has in my opinion.

I think this movie is another template movie where the director would have become his fan while seeing his acting and writes, directing only for him and without taking anything else into consideration. I think that’s been the story for the past ten years. Can’t really complain because even Mani fell into this trap. Ravanan looked like more of guilt ridden story to elevate Vikram’s status because of failing to cast him in his earlier movies. Suhasini still keeps saying about this in every interview. I think normal commercial directors who operate in a formula can anymore make films with him. Either they’ve to be classy, new gen or freaks. Look how brilliant Bejoy Nambiar made use of him in David. Of course it ended up being the biggest failure of his career but for critics this could be the best ever film a mainstream actor can make.

Sketch is an age old commercial film which rides solely on its hero, Vikram. He as usual carries the film on his shoulders, does an excellent job but ends up being egoistic about him being the only person to carry the film on his shoulders. It has a string of villains but you don’t really feel that anyone is going to be a threat for him even though how strong they are either physically or mentally. I don’t know whether Vikram would act even if he gets a role like Batman when there is scope for a villain like mentally strong Joker or a physically strong Bane.

So when the sidekicks die, it doesn’t really stay. Because you don’t feel for them. You can feel for them only through Vikram. Sreeman dying alone had at least some impact but it’s more due to Sethu and not due to Sketch. Excellent actor he’s. But the surprise package here is one of the sidekicks cracking timing jokes. He got a great response from the crowd. Good thing was he didn’t overdo it. But his end was predictable too.

The film falls so on usual masala film blue film, a hero introduction followed by introduction song, followed by fight, melody, a pre interval block, a song immediately post interval and climax twist. I hope the songs were concentrated better. Generally a must in a big hero commercial flick. I don’t remember when the last time Vikram got decent songs in his films when he’s not acting in a film by big director. But the consolation here is the BGM. A terrific one, needless to say he excels in those scenes along with fights. There is a scene where he gets back the bike and rides to the garage, an excellent one, if the same scene had been by Ajith/Vijay the applause would have been tremendous, even though he excels with his screen presence. In fact it’s the same with many other scenes as well.

Even though there was continuity, the films editing lacked a punch. But somehow the pre climax scene compensated for it by making a one truly swift scene. The climax got a bit of scare on everyone. It’s not like how you want your hero to comeback from grave but more of sympathy with a ‘oh no, please’ feeling. But that’s oh no it wasn’t again.




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