Movie Review – Velaikkaran

Posted: January 6, 2018 in Movie Reviews
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Tad too Worked Up but still… works.

Fresh out of the success of Thani Oruvan, Jayam Raja tries to prove a point from the very first scene. Fat people vs. Fisher men, people who come in car to exercise vs. people who go around doing their job, kids with candies vs. kids running with cricket bat. Typical rich vs. poor template. But trying to be smart, he ends up being desperate. Then there is SK (reminds me of a swear word we used in school) struggling with Chennai slang and forgetting every now and then about it and talking proper English and typical Tamil. In recent times only Karthi seems to have done the job perfectly with Chennai slang in Madras without overdoing. How a literate in North Madras would talk when within group and outside of it. Rest all ended up doing too much.


And everyone familiar with the album (Even though likeable, still kind of reminds you of some older songs). Which is almost everyone, would then be waiting for Karuthavelam Galijam. No surprise there, it’s the opening song but the situation could have definitely been better and song and choreography too could have been handled a lot better than setting up close up of SKs fake smile a million times.

There is almost a rushed introduction of Nayanthara who almost does nothing other than looking hot in pink shirt in climax. First time I was bored of Nayanthara post her comeback. Too many close up shots and her trademark smile wasted for not so funny sequence. Chemistry absolutely zero.

Yes you guessed it right. As third introduction there was Fahad Fasil scene. He made sure that all three had proper intro. Only that he made it evident to everyone but still Fahads opening scene ends up to be the best scene of the movie. His performance except for the scene where he shouts in angst out of car, was a treat to watch. Right from his name. In the opening scene he scores the moment he gets up. His dialogues makes us ensure we are on a high but the moment he gets up he steals the show. The best thing about him is he’s so subdued, Vikram could have done this scene and got a lot of claps too but to do this so subtly is the reward. Not only this, each and every scene, his expressions, and everything is minimal. Thus it works. Even in the last scene where the whole city lights up, including few in theatre. What was more awesome was to see Fahad breaking the light in his room. That’s Fahad taking on the whole world.

SK has to gain more confidence when it comes to acting. He was nowhere to be seen with Fahad around but that was acceptable. The chemistry with Nayan was more depressing. He generally is really good around heroines with his charm but here it was a total failure. The two scene he hugs and one scene where he has his hands around her waist, he was so not confident and looked like he was thinking what would Nayanthara think if he came a little too close. On the other hand look at Naanum Rowdy Thaan, Vijay Sethupathi was brilliant in combination scenes even though the film revolved around Nayanthara.

The film tries to get into serious mode little too quickly and little forcefully so the gear change doesn’t work without friction. But the director does a fairly decent job. It’s not as swift as Thani Oruvan but the film moves at a decent pace and engages every now and then. And Raja somehow does the climax decently rather than killing the villain in a clichéd warehouse.

Sneha does a beautiful job but it’s not as strong as the Jaya Seal’s one in Samurai. But that’s where Raja scores, it’s not so bad which will make you cringe but bad enough to make you feel bad and evoke sympathy. That’s good way to make commercial cinema. The first rule is to make it watchable.

He also took a commercially viable story which everyone can relate to, made it look like an intelligent film and thus making it a perfect commercial pot boiler. In the end all ends well that ends well.

Velaikaran is not really a movie which I could give a positive review but the fact that I took leave and watched it as a guilty pleasure shows how the movie could work for you. For me the timing worked perfectly, if it had not been on last week of December I would never have watched the movie. That week if I’m not travelling, I reserve it strictly for guilty pleasure and Velaikkaran was one such experience.


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