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Posted: October 29, 2017 in Travelogue
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I don’t go for treks just because I like it, especially the long ones. It’s like my self-evaluation cycle. I keep it into two phases, one before trek and one after it. So failing in a trek leads to a lot of disappointment, not just for the trek but even for life.


Day 1 – Flight Mode


After a lot of last minute flight changes by the Great Royal Nepal Airlines I had to cancel my Chennai to Delhi flight and take the 2’o clock one to Delhi. The only good thing was that the food was free in Jet Airways but other than that nothing, didn’t even have air hostess. Air stewards served us. But the 2’o clock flight is lot better than early morning flight where I’d have had to sleep and get up early. I kind of tried to sleep in flight but it was very uncomfortable.


I reached Delhi airport and it was amazing. Luckily for me my domestic flight also landed at the same terminal, T3 so I didn’t have to take the bus, which I was not aware of till then. One look at the airport and I was like wow. Delhi airport is always fun. Only I wish they extend the free Wi-Fi time.

After checking in I got my passport stamped, which felt good, because I didn’t know that they’d do it. It was fun to check out the duty free shops and number of liquor bottles too. They were for great prices. At around 9 AM Kaustubh called me first but it was Shashidhar whom I first met. After going through every nook and corner of the airport we boarded the flight.

I didn’t like the look of the flight and also it didn’t have push back but food was good and for the first time got beer in flight. But again couldn’t sleep. I was getting more and more tired.

Once I reached Nepal we tried to get cab after coming out of airport campus, but he asked a whopping 700 NPR for it. So we decided to go by bus, after a lot of suggestions we took bus for 15 NPR and then again cab. Our aim to go to Thamel in bus was a failure.

We liked the initial look and feel of Zostel. Soon after getting freshened up I went for a long pending deep sleep and woke up at 6.30 but still was hell tired. Zostel kitchen was closed, which was a blessing in disguise so we went to Or2K restaurant which was quite happening. Also got a having a nice conversation with a cute Israeli girl. Thank you Falafel!

Zostel at night was even more happening, be it guitar, songs or rooftop lounge. But due to early morning flight the next day, I had to sleep early.

Day 2 – Lukla – Phakding: More flight and slight walk


It was yet another yearly morning start. Kaustubh, Shashidhar and I woke up at 3.30 AM in the morning and got a cab in half an hour. It was funny to see the airport locked at 4.30 AM but people began to swarm in.


As soon as it opened we checked in the luggage and got to flights. Shashidhar and I were able to take the 6.15 AM flight but Kaustubh had to wait for his turn. The flight wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. Once at Lukla we met Abhilash the trek Leader and Mukesh, the co-leader.

We walked here and there for a while and had breakfast. I had Chapathi which was the worst I’ve ever had. It was so hard that my tooth started aching for the next few days.

There were few who couldn’t get that day’s flight so we started off to Phakding post lunch, after having a detailed briefing. The descent to Phakding was decent but towards the end I started getting tired and also was getting slight headache.

Once we reached Phakding, we did a quick stretching and had Tea followed by dinner. At night again it was getting cold.

Day 3 – Phakding – Namche Bazaar: Where the problem started


After a good night’s sleep, in fact after three days I had proper sleep. So felt great that day morning. We started off on time and reached the lunch point, Jorsalle. Lunch was the usual Dal Bhat. We chanted our war cry, ‘Dal Bhat power 24 hour’ and had the same.


Problem started here. Post lunch I felt really tired and was feeling breathless. I was continuously coming at the last. That was so unlikely of me. Towards the end I was panting like anything and had to give off my bag to Mukesh. That felt even worse. Never had it happened with me before.

Finally I reached there, had tea and went to room to rest post dinner. I was also burping and farting like hell, if that was not enough, post dinner I got dysentery and had to go to rest room every half an hour. In spite of that I had a good night’s sleep.

I decided that I would not be continuing the trek that night.

Day 4 – Rest Day at Namche Bazaar


When everyone went to see to Everest View Point I decided to stay at the tea house and rest. That felt good, especially due to Wi-Fi. Also I had good day time sleep.


By the time I woke up for lunch the remaining folks had come and Pradeep was busy acting as Trek Leader. But I wasn’t in a mood to enjoy anything. I went along with them for a short walk to museum. Walked quite slowly, was feeling slightly heavy breathing but felt good while coming down. So at night I told Abhilash that I’d continue to the trek and take it forward depending on the next day’s outcome.

But after an hour of sleep I again had dysentery. That’s when I decided enough is enough.

Day 4 – Long Walk Back: Namche Bazaar – Lukla


I and Divakar decided to return back to Lukla that day, without bags of course. I had to shell out 1500 NPR for that but that was nothing compared to the amount I spent otherwise for the trip.


It was a slow boring walk. Felt horrible doing that. I have never walked so slow in my life, let alone in trek. Finally reached Lukla airport at 4.30 PM to see the last flight going. Divakar got the flight but I had to wait for one more day.

I was tired beyond words, got a room finally after checking a couple of lodges. With free Wi-Fi and decent dinner it was a good deal. Only annoying thing was the little girl there who locked my room at night but I somehow found out so took the help of people next door to open it.

Day 5 – Lukla to Kathmandu


Went there early morning for flight but had to wait till 11. I went back again to the hotel and had an amazing conversation with one German gentleman who told that he has been trekking the Himalayas for the part 20 – 30 years and how that helped him in having an organic bypass surgery. I think that conversation is going to serve as an inspiration for future.


Once I reached Kathmandu I checked the tickets to Chennai and found it to be very high so decided to go back to Zostel. I stayed in Fireflies instead of Zostel, which was even better in facilities when compared to Zostel, just the space was little less.

Had a terrific dinner at Yangling with Buff Sadheko which is nothing but a salad with Buffalo meat which was amazing complemented well by Somersby Cider and Buff Kothey Momo which is pan fried momo, again was amazing. Ate like hell after such a long time and had a sound sleep.

Day 6 – Back Home: Kathmandu – Chennai


Took an Indigo flight from Kathmandu to Chennai, a horrible one in which I didn’t get any food. After reaching Delhi, browsed again through duty free and went to T1 airport in bus. It took a lot of time. As it was Friday night it was crowded like hell but somehow I got a seat to feast on KFC chicken and Costa’s cold coffee. The former was great but the latter wasn’t.


The flight from Delhi to Chennai was a mess which stopped at Jaipur once and then came here so a lot of disturbance was there. But I was relieved that I finally reached home after a disastrous trip.

Totally I spent around 1.5 lakhs for this trip, which would be my savings out of all the trips that I’ve done so far and I can’t spend on anything at least for the next one year. Huge huge loss for me.


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