Movie Review – The Japanese Wife

Posted: September 19, 2017 in Movie Reviews
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For the love of marriage

Just out of the climax of ‘The Japanese Wife’. The movie got me really sad. It’s not a cinematic sadness and it’s not a realistic sadness either. But something in between which makes us forget that it’s a cinema which is making us sad and the same time knowing that it’s not reality. A huge ode to Aparna Sen for achieving that, without doing anything dramatic, without any music and hardly any dialogues. In the end it leaves a question on the future but we’re rest assured that it’s going to be good.

The Japanese Wife

The film had a really earthy feel to it. When I type it I’m getting remembered of ‘Manjadikuru’ all of a sudden. I wasn’t as impressed as ‘The Japanase Wife’ while watching because cinematically it wasn’t great. Here an array of interesting shots were present. Especially loved the scene where Snehamoy Chatterjee (Rahul Bose) talks in phone in the night for that ‘one clear call’. That whole episode was greatly shot.

This is the first film I thought I could call it ‘cute’. I’m not a typical ‘cute’ film watching guy. Because the typical ‘cute’ films like Hachiko looks all forced. But here their relationship was really cute. I loved the scene where Miyage (Chigusa Takaku) brushes off the hardships of Indian lavatory, when Snehamoy tells about how uncomfortable it’d be for her to be in his location.

The film had an interesting nonlinear screenplay but thanks to the small font subtitles I had to scrutinize my eyes to watch the movie. Still I couldn’t miss the beauty of the film which made me forget certain times to read and watch the movie.

Rahul Bose I felt was overacting, more than what was necessary. Raima Sen was a silent charmer and the real fun was watching Moushumi Chatterjee. She was terrific and reminded me a lot of my grandmother.

There were a lot of good scenes and superb editing. I loved the scene where Miyage gets angry when Snehamoy tells about the prostitutes and the scene next to it where he’d masturbate while writing a letter which in turn will lead to the push up scene. These three were opposite scenes but superbly constructed. Her craft doesn’t stop in editing alone. Almost the entire film has great lighting, when they come out of the ferry you feel the slipperiness of the floor and the smell of sand.

Out of all, the final call was the best, where the phone booth of Snehamoy would have been lighted red with lightening in background and post that Sandhya (Raima Sen) with a single lamp and the same lightening makes us see her along with Maashi. That was such a beautiful scene, made me look in awe. The telephony conversation or the voice over is even the more cute because of how they mispronounce each other’s name. Mild Japanese music in the background is soothing, like being in a massage parlor

What was a very good movie till then became an excellent movie due to the climax. I couldn’t swallow my saliva when I saw Miyage in white saree. Just thinking the fate of the household with three widows is depressing but I’m sure that they’re going to be happy together. Also I have a hint of doubt whether Maashi also has passed away because, in the climax Sandhya would be having the house key around her neck. I’d be happy if it’s wrong and Maashi gets to see Miyage.



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