Movie Review – Pa Paandi

Posted: September 10, 2017 in Movie Reviews
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Powerless Presentation

A lot was said about the movie. Even Dhanush was saying that if he could accept the critical acclaim of Power Pandi, he should be ready to accept the bashing of VIP 2. Don’t know why it was critically acclaimed at first place. But I didn’t have any interest to watch the movie. The poster was below average, the trailer was really bad and songs were hugely over acted. That was my only exposure of film. Raj Kiran being the lead was another reason I didn’t like it. He still seems to be in Sivaji era of acting. See any close up of his where he doesn’t talk, there is so much happening and most of it is needless.

Pa Paandi.jpg

So why did I watch the movie? 1) Because my friend Ramya narrated the story and there was something in particular which caught my attention. She said that during Pandi’s (Raj Kiran) road trip he meets with few roadies and one of them while inquiring about Pandi’s marriage and knowing it as arranged marriage says, “Ellam onnum thaan” (It’s all the same). I liked the dialogue and I liked the fact that as a person who had underwent an arranged marriage she could understand the emotion. I liked the way she said that dialogue especially. But only after watching the movie did I know that how good her narration was when it compared to the movie. 2) Nothing major, I was in weekend shift and wanted to pass time, so I copied this film and watched in mobile. I’d have never put more effort to watch the movie.

The whole movie was about the role reversal. A coming of age film of an old age man. Let me first tell about the things I liked. After a school student gets ganja and Raj Kiran asks him, “What he wanted to be in life?” He says, “Engineer Avaporaen”. Pandi replies, “Mayir avae” That was good. And when he meets Revathi for the first time he says, “oru moodi kooda naraikala…” Those were a good scenes but almost everything else was overtly done, especially the action sequence. Don’t know whether Dhanush’s intention was to make it like a parody but action scenes didn’t work at all. It was really bad when Revathi sat with a book for the action scene to get over.

The poster made everyone think about Wild Hogs, which luckily was not the theme of movie. But anyone who had seen About Schmidt would have surely hated the movie. The sense of elation one gets during About Schmidt is tremendous. Here everything looks forced. He repairs bike, ok so he’s going to ride it big sometime in future. He is a stunt master, so he fights big on streets.

As its role reversal between a kid and his father. There were certain scenes taken in clever way. Initially when Police comes to his house. Prasanna would ask Raj Kiran to come down. He’d first peep, then walk, ask “enna pa” Typical of how a kid would do to his dad. Dhanush explains it with a sketch board in initial few scenes through his flashback of what happened when Prasanna was a kid. Don’t know why it stopped all of a sudden. Bad writing and bad screenplay. Then there was the scene where Raj Kiran talks after getting drunk. Best part was the kid saying “waaa” after seeing him puke. Of course he takes his bike and goes away after that.

I felt worse for Prasanna than Raj Kiran. The latter didn’t look reasonable. Revathi on the other hand was a charm. But even she was made to over act and act cute. DD did a reasonable job, in fact looked well than on TV. The guy next door reminded me of music director Nivash but seems it was not him. His acting looked amateurish but it’s not necessary to analyze so much into the film.

The only part which looked good in the movie was the few minutes before the song “paathen”. Dhanush’s forte is teen age romance, be it writing or acting. See it in 3, Thanga Magan Amy Jackson episode and here. He rocks it when it comes to writing a teen age romance. Anything beyond that was a disaster.

Madonna Sebastin doesn’t look super pretty like Premam but she has a sense of sincerity when it comes to acting. Love the way she loves Dhanush in the film. See the scene where she asks him to come into the umbrella (yaen veliya nikirae, kudaikula va) and he asks her to come out (Nee Yean Kudai ula nikirae, veliya va.) Mazaiyila nenayatha vazkae ena vazhka.’ (What’s life if you can’t get drenched in rain?) That was one good dialogue and look how easily he says it. She would have acted brilliantly in that scene. That smile! But the point here is why this scene came and what the next scene. No coherence in screenplay. That’s what Dhanush has to look upon.


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