Movie Review – Tamasha

Posted: August 29, 2017 in Movie Reviews
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Life’s a joke, only that it’s not!

I have no idea what I just said, neither do I want to know. While I was recovering from a fever which I got during a trip, I watched this movie in mobile. It’s a sin I’m committing again and again. I knew it within few minutes itself because in the initial scene we get to watch the play in two, three angles. One of which is from the last row. With a tiny screen, you can’t focus on the even tinier subject. So to have sat in theatres would have been the ideal thing to do.


The film promises right from the first. It takes a bit of courage to have an opening of an unconventional play. Not really a point of interest for many. The voices of Ranbir and Deepika were evident but I wasn’t sure whether they were the ones on stage. Ranbir yes, but Deepika?

I don’t know why Tamasha was hated by so many. I can understand the extreme reactions of Rockstar but Tamasha is more likeable and also a better film as it’s not one-dimensional like Rockstar. Rockstar made me start writing reviews. It never stopped since then. I hope Tamasha does something to me like that too.

The films’ initial vibe was suberb. The working title of the project was ‘The Window Seat’. In an interview with The Indian Express, Ali mentioned, “It’s that thought which crosses your mind when you are sitting by the window seat of a train and watching Ratlam go by and you think, what if I get down from this train? What life awaits me there?” He justified that outside this window, there is a mythical world where one can be what he wants to. According to him, the window seat gives one a chance to drop their present life story and become a brand new person. Later, the film was titled, Tamasha. That thing of getting down at a stop before the destination has always occurred to me and I’ve told the same to ‘n’ no. of people. That’s the reason why I like ‘Before Sunrise’ more than anything. So I loved it when Ali said the same. Even the films subtitle ‘Why always the same story’ was a perfect appetizer for me.

Anushka was supposed to act in this movie but thank god Deepika did as the chemistry was crackling. That too after watching them in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ it was a much matured performance. Before ‘Matargashti’ song she sounded a little bit filmy but during the latter part of the film, especially when she gets to meet Ranbir again and during Agar Tum Saath Ho she was brilliant. See the brilliance of Ali here, she holds him and doesn’t let him go, for a good few minutes, he resists then succumbs, then when out of grasp he leaves. Ved and his practicality in every sense. I loved her character in every other way. She liked him, she had sex, she broke up with fiancé, she spent four years growing her dads company, she finds him again, she goes for dates but she doesn’t accept the proposal. There is nothing wrong in that. She’s not a wet nurse to feed and make him get better. She wanted Don, not Vid. That part was handled in a superb way. In fact when they meet again and Don immediately introduces himself as Vid, there is nothing more disappointing.

This even reminds me of what Ali said, which loved like a definition of girlfriend, “Tamasha has that kind of love which makes a normal person extraordinary, which makes a commoner an artist.” On the plot’s inherent love story, he went on to add, “This is the kind of love through which you understand why you need a woman in life and how it takes you on a journey through which we identify ourselves.” It doesn’t necessarily has to be a woman, a girl friend or a lover. But some person who inspires you by some means.

Rahaman does a brilliant job in this movie. This is not a Rockstar where everyone would go crazy for the songs but it’s more of an emotion. The way the Matargasti music starts in the background when they two have conversation and then they dance and then get into the song and then out of it, it’s beautiful. Then there is Heer, another brilliant song, an ode to Deepika’s effervescence, the way she says no to a guy at party, dancing in room, uninterested but excelling in job, walk in airport and cake in terrace. All awesome. The biggest surprise is Wat Wat… What a song, what a situation and on top of it, what an editing. It goes through all phase of a song and people watching for the first time don’t even think that they are watching a song.

There are lot of shout out loud moments in the film. Typical of Imitiaz Ali, where the expressions are extreme. I loved every bit of it. Best of it was the guitar in the background when Ranbir gives the ring to transgender. I almost shouted even as I was watching in mobile. The way he builds up the scene was brilliant. I loved every time he shouts in frustration but gets back to the book to study. It has happened so much with me, only that it was not due to Maths.

The concept of a storyteller and how all stories are same were explained beautifully and in the end when he says that one has to end one’s own story too was lovely. Ranbir narrating the story couldn’t get better. My friend’s comment on Tamasha being on Anti Parenting was so true.

I don’t know why the films linearity or the structure was so criticized, it made every sense to me. The film is as confused as Vid, every one of us are. Not at a single point we focus everything together then why do we want everything put together in correct order. Just because we lack imagination?

When finally, Ranbir turns a rockstar, doing that dance in office, telling about fungus near scrotum and best of all closing the door before the old lady comes in. it was the best feeling ever. How we all long to do that. Come on who likes to be called a ‘safe guy’ by girls? When his manager says that he’s there in the job only for good behavior, is that even a complement. I’ve lived my whole life like that. No amount of appreciation is enough for Ranbir, he carries the whole film like a child’s play. His best yet. Look how effortlessly he dances around in Corsica even while uttering dialogues. That one part is enough for me to watch the film again and again. I cried realizing that I could never be him.

When I saw the words ‘Don Returns’ on a white paper, my joy knew know bounds. It was like being trapped in a building, held as hostage and see the Bat Symbol all of a sudden. That joy cannot be explained, only experienced.

In the climax when they introduce Ved out from his robot costumes, with a bun, as a storyteller, Ved comes out, gets standing ovation, then there is a lengthy romantic gesture between Deepika and him, they kiss, he blows flying kisses, he bows to her, finally gets down completely for a namaskar, all in front of audience. He’s there because of her. When in Kaatru Veliyidai VC says I love you, I love you, I love you and I love you, continuously ‘n’ number of times. It didn’t work for me. But here I wished I had witnessed Ranbir do all these romantic gestures live.

There is something special about Imitiaz Ali’s stories, there are no boundaries, no definite limits, and all doesn’t trod on single path. Look how beautifully he uses the storyteller (Piyush Mishra) to tell this to us. He told us the same in different way in Rockstar where Jordan plays guitar in every possible place be it temple, mosque, roadside or concert. It’s about the guitar, it’s not about the place.


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