Movie Review – Train to Busan

Posted: April 18, 2017 in Movie Reviews
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Light at the end of the tunnel

This expression has become quite frequent isn’t it? But how better to describe the film which even makes our regular Vikraman climax trick epic.

train to busan.png

The best part about this movie is that it doesn’t trudge on morality for name sake. Yes the kid gets saved, the pregnant lady gets saved but if it had been any other film there were lot many places where they could have made the morality mistakes. The point where the baseball player dies, he could have retorted, the place where the protagonists come back to regular coach, everyone could have turned against the COO and what best, when the COO escapes in engine I thought that he would get the worst of all deaths, rather when you see him in the driver’s seat he’s already a zombie, in turn affecting the kids dad as well. In fact he’s the only character who looks like a negative one, but he too has a point at most part, like asking to start train from the station and not allowing the other folks to enter the coach. It’s a practical method but only when he gets slapped his ego gets hurt and he becomes a different person, he’s a zombie already.

If any had watched the movie without knowing what it’s about, may be it’d have been terrific. But it stores enough surprise even for the one who watch it knowing it’s a Zombie movie, right from the point where an affected person enter the train. That was superbly shot but even if the signaler hadn’t seen, wouldn’t he have heard the sound of someone entering in. She enters with a thud isn’t it?

Having known that it’s a zombie movie the initial scenes about a distorted family was a bit of drag. You know what’s going to happen with the kid and his dad towards the end. Of course the cliché was made in an engaging way but cliché is still a cliché. Why couldn’t a normal without-any-crisis family get into trouble? Why should it be an overtly happy or sad family getting affected always? Points to ponder…

Funnily the RT rating of the movie is higher than that of IMDB but it doesn’t look like something which only critics could appreciate. It’s a very good commercial film, way better than many zombie films made without emotion, not made with false emotion etc. Shaun of the dead still remains my favorite zombie film even though it’s a parody, the style was truly amazing and further it was Brit.



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