Movie Review – Maanagaram

Posted: April 8, 2017 in Movie Reviews
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Mad about Madras

While the Madras song ‘Chennai vada Chennai’ gets played in FM Radio city, Sri sitting in night cab tells the driver Charlie “amuthunga sir adha.” And usually crazy crowd which would go crazier when hearing anything related to Chennai stays mute while this scene happens, either it should have been an elation or depression but both doesn’t happen here. They are dumbstruck and continue watching the movie. Although the opposite of this scene where Sundeep says that he belongs to the city was bad, this pretty much sets the mood. I loved the scene where they both unite to take Charlie to hospital. That link! Beauty!


The film sets the tone right from first. A dialogue which Sri utters would obviously be liked by everyone alike. Then there is that miscommunication and an extremely well shot Acid scene and the link to it. Look how intelligently the director Lokesh Kanagaraj has made that scene. It could have been a scene with which a lot of built up to raise the image of hero and intrigue audience but rather it happens at a very critical juncture in the life of the hero (safely considering Sundeep as The Hero as he’s the one who fights) The director makes us think like Sundeeps friend who thinks that he’s waiting for Regina. But only after he gets into bus we get to know what he’s up to. Also post that, apart from an onlooker’s comic act we get to know the seriousness of the acid scene when Sundeep’s friend hurts his finger. So that moment he puts the acid bottle there and smashes it, Ouch! It indeed would have hurt.

How lovely it was to see Regina in a film again, I had noted her down during Kanda Naal Mudhal days itself. A fine actor, ok, a beautiful actor who acts fine. Even though her role was limited she fitted the character to tee.

Music was fabulous. Be it the song ‘Yendi unna pidikithu’ or the climax BGM. Most of the songs were rightly placed. Except for the one bus stop song, I didn’t feel any song to have intruded the flow of the movie.

Special mention to Sundeep, this guy effortlessly acts as an action hero. I loved the bus stop scene where post the fight he holds his neck and asks the kid, “va da”. The kid gets scared and doesn’t come. He nonchalantly asks him to come again. That’s a mark of good actor to induce emotions effortlessly.

In Agni Natchathiram when Karthik and Prabhu finally unite, it gives sparks. This film beat it in the climax. That’s quite an achievement with two relatively newcomers at the fore.



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