Movie Review – Conviction

Posted: April 4, 2017 in Movie Reviews
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Death Sentence

The film happens in Ayer, Massachusetts. Now don’t forget that, it’s an important piece of evidence in decoding how bad the movie was.


That’s how an everyday Hollywood movie’s template is made off. Absolutely nothing whatsoever, no fun, no drama, no emotion, no nothing. You’d fine even Sathyam popcorn stale while watching this one. I had a huge respect for Hilary Swank but not after this one. I guess she was even a joint producer for this one, seriously. That’s some desperation to give a hit.

Ok, here comes the story. Someone kills someone, the first someone is Kenny Waters (Sam Rockwell) who goes into jail because of his other notorious acts previously. He’s such a cool guy that during the trial he shows how his hooker girlfriend gave him a blow job. Then he gets acquainted with life sentence. DNA test, hello? So if that ringed the bell in your ears during that scene then it’s pretty much going to be the same story as that of mine during climax.

During climax they find a truly extraordinary revelation called DNA test and guess what Kenny Waters gets free to go. Of course not before some so called drama which doesn’t evoke any sympathy for him. Even a tele commercial about DNA testing could have been done more interesting.

So let’s see what all were the irritating parts of the movie. That strip tease in bar by Kenny. Oh man, you might be cool but that’s just not cool enough. He gets into all sorts of mischief trying to get out of constantly fighting parents. His sister adores her because he had saved her many a time. So she finally sacrifices her life and gets Kenny out of jail. Wohoo! Now that’s a story.

Ok her daughter was hot, but not before Betty (Hilary Swank) spoils my looking at her by saying that her dad would have been dead by now if Massachusetts law had capital punishment. Now you see the evidence I was talking about in the beginning?

Not willing to waste any credit for it, she gets a friend she doesn’t deserve, she has twin boys where one asks other whether they’d do that, she nails a police woman for being fraud. And what’s best, there is one policeman who says he actually liked Kenny. With the horror everyone undergoes in jail, here is a guy who fools around policemen and prisoners alike. For a change he should be put in jail instead of Edward Norton in American History X, to know what jail really is.

If all this is not enough, in climax you get to hear the data of people released after DNA test and the second someone’s killer seemed to have never been found out. Oh, what a pity!

Kenny might have escaped the life sentence but it sure was a capital punishment for us.



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