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Posted: March 31, 2017 in Movie Reviews
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Pork Chops

I thought I titling it as Bon Appetite as it’d sound a little classier but for some reason Pork chops looks the apt title.

angamaly diaries.jpg

The opening of the film sets the tone on the place. It doesn’t do a ‘Manhattan’ but it’s not Manhattan to do a ‘Manhattan’. It’s Angamaly, so they do a perfect Angamaly Diaries, the title cards were not subtitled in the theatre I watched. Whether it was missed or there were no subtitles at all I don’t know. But as I couldn’t read Malayalam, the only English words that caught my attention was Angamaly. There were various ways it was used right from hoardings to name plates to store names to bus route to everything. And needless to say, food… hmm lip smacking it was. I guess majorly beef was shown out there but the whole film deals with pork. Don’t know whether my eye to identify meat had gone this bad. My bad!

If people who had watched the movie without knowing anything, they’d have thought it would be a culinary treat. On the contrary, it was not in the mainstream level. But we do get to see a lot of food, talks about food and making of food. Those were great moments.

I don’t know whether it’s the Premam and food effect or Malayalam cinema and food effect. It’s just some rich lip smacking retreat. Great to watch. Now I’ll never miss a chance to go to Angamaly if I visit Ernakulam and more than that I’d never miss an opportunity to eat pork chops, in what’s that shop? Jacobs? Oh boy, I should go eat, pork the first thing.

The film takes tones of various films but prime suspects would be City of God and Premam. The former might be intentional, I’m assuming it to be so as the director had already made a movie with that name and his affinity towards gangster films is quite evident. The opening scenes were very similar to favelas and chicken in City of Good. If it was Favela there, it was Angamaly here, if it was chicken there, it was pork here. We get to see a lot of slaughtering too. Thanks to CBFC, the director couldn’t dare to share the whole one. It’d have been lovely to see one though. The next thing I don’t know whether the food part was taken from Premam, it was done subtler there, also the fight scenes where he takes steps first and the pre interval scene, all reminded me a lot of Premam. You can easily take that song out, put Kalipu and get an equal amount of awesomeness, if not more. But I’m not entirely sure whether it was due to directors liking of Premam or the Premam effect on me on its just plain simple Kerala.

The movie’s tone slightly changes from its rustic bloody standpoint to underlying humor every now and then. If the guy in scooter gives you a serious tone, the guy in bus drinking liquor defies it, if the team who come to see them a serious tone, the teacher slapping the guy for stealing python defies it. So it takes you a while to define the film which defies a particular genre without really knowing which path it’d take. The scene is followed by a great bar fight and the introduction of hero, ‘Jesus’. Kartharae… cigarette kudu. Lol. Excuse me for not taking their names, it’s not really easy to remember all of them. Trust me!

Once it goes to flashback, we tend to forget that we were left hanging in the middle. I don’t know how the directors achieve that, making us completely forget the first few minutes of a movie. So when the red scooter shot appears in the movie, everyone was damned. Damn it!

The movies story is similar to that of many unimposing movies that we’d have watched. Hero worship, jobless people, crime, blood etc. But the take here is different. These people don’t take violence too seriously and they themselves know their range. Every time a fight happens, you see Rajan getting irritated with is Brother-in-law, rather than supporting him blindly, he doesn’t involve in a fight as Pepe takes goods from him. But he’s the same guy who throws bomb in his shop. So it’s all a matter of living. They could easily apologize and take a 10ml. I again had a confusion with that. Did you guys seriously think it was a 10ml, I thought it would definitely be a ‘Small’. If not correct that camera angle Lijo Jose, you’ve an experienced campaigner speaking.

These people go to their home and take care of family, they roam at nights, they carry on with their work. Thank god the jeep which crossed Lichie (the only name that I could remember, thanks to the nice little explanation) and Pepe didn’t have a goon hitting them. It’s that liberty they had with their lives. They are not constantly threatened. They live their life too in a fulfilling manner.

What was the best scene for you? For me it’d be the scene where Pepe takes her sister to church and his mind voices. That was totally me, may be totally us. I laughed my hell out inside.

P.S: Don’t go in with a hungry stomach

P.S.S: Is Pepe’s sister the one who appears in Premam? Who sits in the row in front of George’s gang (Damn Premam) I found both the ladies equally pretty though.



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