Movie Review – Lion

Posted: March 14, 2017 in Movie Reviews
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If I had had a video blog I would have started by humming opening tune of Urvasi and said, “well… that’s the only good part of the movie”. If I had written this review in Tamil, I would have titled Asingam, assuming that the film would have been named as Singam. Even though it was quite injudiciously used for the latter case, still I would have gone ahead and used it.


I guess this film would add to the list of horrible films that I would watch this year. Somehow I have a gut feeling that this year is going to be a horrible year for my movie watching. And thanks to time constraint I’m watching more and more films in mobile. Lion was again a movie I watched in two uncomfortable sittings in mobile.

I don’t like the term ‘pathutu iruken’ (currently watching) when it comes to movies. It’s not a series where you currently watch. Movies ought to be watched in one sitting, no matter how boring it gets. So this movie I was ‘watching’. Generally when I watch a movie I would feel restless to complete watching the movie, at least to get done with. But here I wasn’t thinking about watching the movie at all. Such was the impact of the film.

I was warned about Dev Patel’s inefficiency to act. Not that he is a bad actor, he didn’t have much to do in Slumdog Millionaire, and it’s the same here too. But there are comparisons between the two films, which I find to be absurd, apart from being shot in India, I don’t see any reason to compare the film. Even if compared, Slumdog was a far more superior film which was stylishly made. It would have had a profound impact in countries apart from India, like how we praise City of God here. It would have worked here too to few people who could get detached from the environment and watch the film. Worked for me brilliantly. I felt most didn’t like the film just for fame and for pseudo intellect.

In a film which lacked absolutely anything, the only plus point of an otherwise insipid acting cast was Nicole Kidman. She shows us why she’s such a wonderful actor. She is the only one we could sympathize with, in the whole film. Rest all the story looks plain boring. This film, even though happens to be in a familiar turf, could have been shot in a million ways but the director fails to do so. All we get to see was Saroo (Dev Patel) trying to be a Michael Scofield and miserably so.

Everything looks fake in the movie right from childhood to the end. I found the sibling love to be too artificial, mother looked fake and his longing to get back to home too wasn’t shown well. How beautiful it’d have been in Swades where we would really want Shahrukh to get back home. I somehow felt that Ashutosh Gowariker would have done a great job directing the film.

Sad thing was, even bad films would have moments, and this film didn’t have any. If not for one scene, if not for that one scene which I mentioned in the beginning, I would have never forgiven myself for watching the movie. That was the only moment of genuine joy in the film for me. When the music comes and the heroine hides behind the post, does a crazy dance and both laugh at each other, well, that’s how to make a movie. It gave me a joy of reading those girly blogs which only English Literature girls could write.

And in the end when I was thinking, of all things, why the hell the film was named as Lion, we get a reason. If that’s any consolation.



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