Movie Review – Saving Private Ryan

Posted: March 7, 2017 in Movie Reviews
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Love War

How can a man achieve this in every film of his? A film which has a duration of 2.45 hours, which I had to re-plan to such a time that I don’t wouldn’t get disturbed, didn’t feel like a 2.45 hour film at all. The film moved with such effortless ease. Actually I wouldn’t have got up even if I had to, in between. That’s his mastery over filmmaking. Spielberg, you genius.

saving private ryan.jpg

You see a person entering a memorial. The way the patterns merge from the present to past and thus making a change in pace was brilliant. We cut to the chase instantaneously and see how Miller Company make their first breakthrough, thus proving us their proficiency. Funny thing was, even though English, half of the words mentioned in the movie weren’t understandable except fire in the hole, thanks to Project IGI and Counter Strike.

The only problem with the movie was, it being so pro American. May be little bit of brown could have been better. Characters as usual were superbly etched. Right from Miller (Tom Hanks) to Ryan (Matt Damon) everyone were their own and each of them acted their part brilliantly. Well it’s needless to talk about Hanks for which it would have been a cakewalk but it’s film like these which are tough to act, rather than Forrest Gump or Terminal where it’s easy to showcase your acting. But here being a tough guy and to inspire folks around him, he was phenomenal.

Apart from Tom Hanks, my favorite person among the cast was the Sniper Jackson (Barry Pepper) but later it turned out to be Reiben (Edward Burns) who effortlessly makes us hate and love him through his acting. Even though simple, look at the way he protects Ryan in the climax and helps Miller. But the real joy was the introduction of Ryan, may be it was a heroic way of introducing him so that we don’t hate him. But that comes as a shocker, it’s all so sudden and makes us so happy to see him. That’s a unique joy which only Matt Damon can give, what a charmer he is.

I loved the scene where Caparzo (Vin Diesel) gets killed. Got to know that snipers don’t kill a person immediately so that he could kill people who come nearby him. That was a great piece of knowledge, look how much people take effort to make a good film. So like Jackson says, Sniper has got talent, indeed! Why I loved the scene was not because of that. Caparzo takes the girl which a German family request him to take, which I first thought – thanks to psychological war movies that I watched – was because to molest her. But it was not. You don’t know what the sniper would have thought, maybe he thought the same and shot, I mean wounded, Caparzo. Loved that angle.

The tragedy in the end was expected but the way it makes us feel heavy in spite of knowing the story was fabulous.



  1. Abhilash says:

    Never thought of the angle you said about Caparzo. That was indeed a good one.
    If Titanic is considered to be the greatest romantic movie ever made then Saving Private Ryan should be the greatest war movie.

    But not all his movies are nice.
    P.S:- “The BFG” was traumatizing.


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