Movie Review – The Lives of Others

Posted: February 28, 2017 in Movie Reviews
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Between the Walls

How much can one’s perspective change while viewing a movie for the second time isn’t it? When I watched the first time I remember viewing the movie like a painting. Nothing really moves, the story, screenplay, frames or even Hauptmann Gerd Wiesler’s (Ulrich Mühe) facial muscles. Of all Haup’s muscle doesn’t move at all.


This is a movie where you could have given a ‘great’ touch by including a self-induced grin from Ulrich Muhe. But to have not done shows the control the director has over the film and Muhe has over himself. Exactly what Nolan needs to learn and more recently while I watched Sshivada in Adhe Kangal where she overdid the grin.

The way Wiesler’s character develops is phenomenal. He remains there, like a stone, camouflaged into the walls wearing grey. In fact most of his scenes are surrounded by different shades of grey/blue. Nice use of colors there. And the transition from being bad to good was equally phenomenal. We don’t really see a specific incident for him to change colors. In fact when he does that, his ego is hurt and he immediately goes to his superior to report but changes his mind. You don’t expect such a change of heart from a man of his stature.

In the end the movie becomes pretty conclusive, may be that could have been avoided. It’s not a complaint but may be an open ending would have worked better.


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