Book Review – Suthanthira Bhoomi

Posted: February 22, 2017 in Book Reviews
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Sunthara Boomi

I did a terrific mistake by reading the title as Sunthara Boomi and kept on reading it as Sunthara Boomi whenever Suthanthira Bhoomi was mentioned even inside the book. And that seemed to be more apt for the unrelenting sarcasm written in the book. Only after reading the prologue I got to know the title to be Suthanthira Bhoomi.


Well, let’s talk about the prologue first. If Kagidha Malargals epilogue was the best I’ve ever read, Suthanthira Bhoomi’s prologue was one of the best I’ve read in recent times. I have the habit of reading anything apart from the story only at the last but may be for this, this one alone I felt I could have read the prologue first.

The book takes a different tone from any other political drama’s I’ve watched or read. The problem with the political dramas is that they always talk about rise and fall of people but they forget the very fact that they are people first more than the politician or celebrities. Here we get to know how those people will talk and behave at home other than being politicians. Like Sarala says, “kathar sataya kelatitu manusana va, politciana venam.”

The characters were nice, I don’t know whether I could go ahead and call it as brilliant because Indhra Parthasarathy is so oral, sometimes he talks so much that I feel like asking to shut up. I always feel like he overdoes, explaining each and every emotion and what’s worse, I don’t get a wow factor out of it. You see he can’t do what Woody Allen could do in an ‘I luff you’ in Annie Hall. But somehow I ended up reading his novels more than the other.



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