Movie Review – Adhe Kangal

Posted: February 14, 2017 in Movie Reviews
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Eye for an eye

It was a jolly good feeling to have watched a pleasantly surprising movie after a long time in theatres. On a pre-valentine weekend when Love was toxically there in the air everywhere and I all could see was red color, hearteen symbol and cozy couples everywhere. Having got a seat next to couple’s seat in Escape, I was afraid that I’d be distracted by that, but good I wasn’t. They came at a juncture where the movie had picked up pace and I could hardly be distracted.

Adhe Kangal.jpg

The movie moved at a lazy pace initially. For the first fifteen minutes it was leading to nowhere. Lethargical acting, hurried screenplay and needless songs. Too many things were happening but we weren’t able to get involved with the film. Till the first twist, I was not sure where the movie was leading to.

There were a lot of twists and turns in the movie. Even though few were guessable and I had a noisy partner to accompany me, I could still enjoy the twists. Especially the climax twist with Thandhira song. Superb use of counterpoint music and the suddenness of the song was lovely. Music in fact was the best attribute to the film. Ghibran does few jazzy backgrounds, funny stopovers when Panju chases a guy and pleasant songs.

Kalairasan who was brilliant in Madras does a very mediocre attempt here. His character was reasonably well written. I loved the irritation he constantly has but he could have done a lot better. Sshivada was the only character among the leads who does a reasonable job and makes us like her in the climax. The real life saver was Bala Saravanan as Panju. What people were trying so hard to execute, he does it with élan.  It was like a team having a steep chase and batsmen were struggling at one end and someone comes and plays as if it’s the easiest pitch to play on. That’s what Bala Saravanan does here. The surprise package was Abishek Joseph George as Manoj. He does what Kalairasan couldn’t do in spite of having all the limelight on him.

The comic turn the film takes after Panju gets introduced was real nice. It wasn’t forced just to induce comedy. It was a good feel, more than the laugh out loud moments. Everyone were enjoying his presence on screen and the earthiness he brought to the film. The crowd got into splits especially when he says, “yaruya ava, enakae avala love pananum pola iruku.” Terrific timing. Not only that, he keeps performing in the side like the Oreo biscuit to Janani Iyer scene and explaining about his injury to a police during climax.

Good that they didn’t have a climax of climax and make Sshvada do something silly. It was good to see a heroine performing really well without any exaggeration after a long time. Even though the grin was good, it could have been avoided being done these many times. It loses its value you know. But seriously Sshvada looks different in each and every character she takes in the film. Be it the dressing style, body language etc. The final talk with Vikram still makes us believe her in spite of us knowing that she is lying. That’s a mark of good actor isn’t it?





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