Book Review – Kuruthipunal

Posted: February 11, 2017 in Book Reviews
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Wings of Fire

A very very heavy novel which we all know would end up in something heavier in the end. And thus it does. But I didn’t like the climax, it was literal. There were a lot of events before that which got me more angry, more restless, more helpless than the climax.


You see the way the story ends and the way it evolves. Even though we know that it’s the only way it could have ended, it could have been written in a million ways, it could have started in billion ways and it could have evolved in a trillion ways.

Why Siva who is a friend of Gopal who is an orphan who is already in his village leaving his job in Delhi acts as the starting point of story. It couldn’t have been made more multidimensional. It could have been so easily made like Swades, only with a harder climax. A guy from metro coming to a village which has caste bias and not succeeding but look how the focus shifts from Siva to Gopal to Comrade to Naidu and final clash between Naidu and all of us. Yes, us. That’s the power of Indira Parthasarathy. The way he makes us all root for the protagonists and how we all feel that our only enemy as Naidu is epic.

The story which is based on Kilvenmani incident mostly makes us restless through the prelude towards the incident, rather than the incident itself. By the time the incident had occurred, I had already given up and was only wishing that the lead characters don’t give up.

The problem with this novel is the problem that I generally have with other Tamil novels as well. The communist influence. Most of the novels that I’ve read have communist background, well, here even the foreground is communism. If it’s communist it becomes propagandish and anything propogandish loses its artistry. Here I’d attribute my liking of the novel to Siva and Gopal more than Naidu and Kilvenmani. Such helpless souls.

It’s not a surprise that a number of protests were held for the novel. I haven’t read anything bolder than this and it’s direct. But at least Tamil novels could be this honest. We can’t even think of making a movie half as honest as this. Don’t know whether to be proud of the fact or be sad that the novels don’t have any reach at all.


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