Movie Review – Raees

Posted: February 7, 2017 in Movie Reviews
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Powerless Spectacle

A film which I had been expecting for more than a year ended up to be a damp squib. Not sure whether it was the disappointment which made me sad or the ending of the movie. I’m unsure, really.



There was lot of promise when the film started. A young Raees stealing glass from Gandhiji’s statue as he doesn’t have money to buy frame, I thought he was trying to paint some bigger picture with that. Of course we see the transition of specs and usage of specs in various ways but I didn’t really get the point. At the end of the movie it ended up to be a fancy spectacle and not an identity or some metaphor.

It was really sad to see Shahrukh not able to get a hold of what’s going on out there. My friend said how he was not in his elements recently. I was not aware that he wasn’t having a great box office run. Both Fan and Dear Zindagi looked promising to me, even though I haven’t watched them. Raees I thought would elevate his stature as what looked to be a serious film after a long time. Also the director looked like a very promising guy from what I heard. But the film was a major disappointment.

Look how inconsistent the movie was. A cinematic heroic SRK in the first half suddenly turns like a crying Kuruthipunal crying Kamal in the second half. Only that we empathize with Kamal but here we only could pity SRK for how it didn’t work at all. I feel bad for him, seriously!

A similar film Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, even though a commercial entertainer had all the mass elements, every scene works there, you feel like whistling for action sequence, dialogues etc. But here except for Shahrukh Khan’s intro, no scene really worked.

What’s sad is the whole movie would have looked great on paper, while shooting the director would have thought that he had made a great scene, actor would have thought that he had given a great performance, but as audience when we see it, there was absolutely nothing, no emotion at all.

I’m sure Shahrukh Khan would have done what would have been asked of him, I don’t know how much he’d have interfered with the director’s vision. Even if it had been that way, the film shouldn’t have been as bad as it was. If in Kabali, even though we get to know that Ranjith wasn’t given full freedom to do a film of his own, we get to see certain awesome scenes which only he could have done. In Raees we couldn’t see anything of that sort.

The only part that worked was the last ten to fifteen minutes, which at least stopped me talking to my friend. The only take away from this film was Nawazudin Siddique, what a terrific actor he is. Right from the Michael Jackson start to the stone faced end, he rocks in each and every scene. SRK, after whom the film is made of, doesn’t get the screen presence even in one scene.

The film is almost a Nayagan, only that it’s not. If the same film would have been taken by Mani Ratnam, he’d have given a totally different treatment and would have taken it to a whole new level.

I also didn’t like the making of film, how songs appear, how item song ends with violence, how SRK takes his wife for spin after she announces her pregnancy, the punch dialogues, the interval blocks etc. All these should have been done twenty years before. It should have rather been a tribute or a realistic portrayal. It was neither here nor there.

I don’t know why, the fact that the film didn’t work me has made me sad than being disappointed. May be it’s because of the selective movies I watch or because of the even more selective movies in theatre or worse am I losing interest in movies. What could be worse than that?


  1. Abhilash says:

    I really respect your opinions about films. Please don’t take me wrong but why can’t an item song end in violence. That is one particular scene where I thought SRK was on the top of his game.
    Where he kills Jayraj, he emotes through his eyes…his helplessness, his pain, his anger, ambiguity at the same time.
    I agree with you that this movie didn’t connect at all. This was bad but some scenes where really electric.
    P.S:- You said none of the scenes belonged to SRK. Vikram please see that scene again where he calls the minister by redialing three times asking him not to take his ‘yatra’ through his ‘mohallah’

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