Movie Review – Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Posted: February 1, 2017 in Movie Reviews
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Close Shave

Even though it took me three sittings to finish watching the movie, not because the movie was uninteresting but because of the tiredness, it was such fun. Like any musical, the very first song gets you off hook. May be we are not used to the pattern, maybe we are to watch it in a different frame of mind or may be musicals aren’t just for me.


Once it registered in my mind that I’d be taken off guard every now and then, I got more inclined to the story. I guess it was 3D to start with, the imageries were brilliant, giving it an animation and reality mix. You can’t really tell what it is.

Tim Burton is great fun to watch, his violence shocks you but in a good way, In Edward Scissorhands when Johnny Depp cuts the hair, you see Depp from bottom angle, its mostly his face that would be visible and scissors would be out of frame but with that screeching sound, it gives you enough thrill as a kid. And Burton is one director who takes art seriously. Children should watch his film. Not that it’d make any difference if you watch it as an adult. Most of his movies still worked for me.

With respect to Sweeney Todd, I found the violence to be a little bit gratifying to my taste. I’m more of a Tarantinoish violence fan. Sweeney had that violence with Burton’s humor. In fact, I missed humor for most of the part, or was it just me. Sweeney Todd to me was a very serious unrealistic movie. Or was it sarcasm to the highest level where I can’t even find out the sarcasm? Look how Beadle Bamford (Timothy Spall) comes looking out for foul smell from chimney but no one knows about so many men missing. Could something be more absurd than this.

For Harry Potter fans you instantly are going to recognize everyone in the movie. Yes, like you, I too got a wait – what’s – Johnny Depp – doing – with – these – guys feeling. It settled after a while. Brits are brits. Period. Of all, definitely its Timothy spall, yes our very own Peter Pettrigew, who steals the show with that stylish cane of his, such fine acting. But it doesn’t mean that rest weren’t great. In fact, it’s the one movie after Donnie Brasco that I liked Johnny Depp’s acting. I’m not a big fan of his and his you-see-I’m-acting method of acting. He proved what’s he’s worth of there. This being Burton’s movie I was expecting another over the top performance by Depp which you’d love while watching but would never rate as one of the best acting performances. Both Burton and Depp proved me wrong here.

Loved the look of Depp too in the movie. In fact, make up was done to perfection. Of course its Burton and it’s a piece of cake for him.  But can you see how much effort would have gone through the scenes where the slithering of throats starts. All the actors who appear in the song would come just for a minute but they had to be given a complete makeover. Its scenes like these that elevate the experience of the moviegoers subconsciously and shows the sincerity of the directors. There are hundreds of ways to have avoided that and people wouldn’t have even known but it wasn’t. Respect!

This, like Final Destination proves what kind of sadists we are rooting for a person who had killed so many in the movie. If it’s us waiting for next accident to happen in Final Destination, it’s us waiting for next throat slit here. What funny people we are. When Sweeney (Johnny Depp) gets close to Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter) towards the climax, I was cheering so loudly for Depp to slit everyone who comes across, his wife, his daughter and even the poor stupid kid. I had a good hearty laugh when that kid Toby (Ed Sanders) got his dose of cane whips from his master Pirelli (Sacha Baron Cohen).

That kid ought to have been killed, oughtn’t he?


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