Book Review – Kagidha Malargal

Posted: November 13, 2016 in Book Reviews
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Character Analysis to the core. If I had known that there were so many gems in modern Tamil literature I wouldn’t have read English novels at all. Loved the way seasons were compared to each characters life crisis and how unhappy everyone were. The way the same situation appeals to different people was phenomenal.


But of all the one thing I liked about the novel was its unique writing style. It felt like a stylishly edited movie. For example consider Chellappa having a cigarette and stubbing it somewhere, in the next para the same cigarette would be taken out by Badri in a totally different scene. The way these all combine during climax with juxtaposition of various lives was brilliant.

It was a very tough read at first, I wasn’t getting why he kept on describing about weather so much but the way it proceeds from winter to summer to rain to spring was brilliant. How subconsciously it played its part was brilliant too.

Also loved the author’s interview with his alter ego. I guess I should do it in one of the future books. Like the author, even for me, Chellappa is the favorite character. So me!

I should have noted out parts to write about during the review. Sadly I didn’t so would stop with this. If you are a lover of modern Tamil literature please go for it.


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