Movie Review – Reservoir Dogs

Posted: October 24, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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Define Guilty Pleasure

Watching a Tarantino movie on a mobile phone (if you don’t know, I don’t watch movies in mobile phones, this is just the second movie after ‘Trisha Ilena Nayanthara’, which I totally enjoyed too), with subtitles (which again I don’t do, except for Sherlock I haven’t done for anything I guess), on a Friday night, stopping the new book after reading the first few lines, stopping it fifteen minutes before the end of the movie as I had to get down from the bus and finishing it off at home in hall in phone with subtitles without speakers is Guilty Pleasure. Enna oru anandham indha karadiku!

Someone define it better and I quit writing.


What a pleasure it was to watch Reservoir Dogs again. I don’t remember enjoying it this much the first time, I think when I watched the first time I was more interested in split screen talking to my cousin. Yes those where days where movies used to run like radio programs, in my computer where I split 2/3rd for movies and 1/3rd for chat. Except for the ear scene I don’t remember a thing and to rediscover pleasure was amazing. Wow it has made me so happy. I’m obliged.

It has an amazing opening scene, every dining table shot would have been shot in a similar way where you get a patter, a circle, a slow mo or something you get a clue about but here the cuts are fun, yes that’s the word, ‘fun’. When it goes to a blackout and shows the next character, there is that jerk in you, you feel a distraction, to have employed it in your very first film you need confidence. Is that a show off? Yes. But did I like this show off, YES!

And there is this amazing part of Mr. Orange (Tim Roth), see how he introduces the character and that changes the whole story. After he gets introduced to us as cop we see it in a whole different way, like, see how good he’s acting as undercover agent and not like he’s an undercover agent. Especially that manuscript transition from his practice phase to the phase he talks to Joe Cabot (Lawrence Tierney). I personally didn’t like his acting but direction wise, that was Kick Ass. I loved the scene in car especially where the other three guys talk so casually about a black waitress but he feels that he’s a misfit, loved the way cameras were used for that scene to get a close up of his face and long shot for others and in the scene where names are chosen, for everyone else it pans and for Orange it zooms. Beauty boy!

The final shootout would have been lot better for folks watching for the first time and not knowing about Tarantino but having watched his films and seeing him perfecting the skills in every other movie, this was underwhelming.

But in spite of knowing the scene, still the Ear scene was epic, I wish I could take one ultra-violent sequence like this either in films or more preferably in short, it’d be fun. If that scene and the climax cop gunshot scene had been shot now, he could have used it more efficiently instead of panning it.

Music again is a major factor in his movies, his love for 70s music, even though we don’t know it gives such a feel. Above all the writing, boy oh boy, he’s the most casualest writer in film industry I suppose. Such command over the scene, the pointlessness of dialogues, the wit and the charm. That’d always be one thing to beat.

Like how everyone wishes to see Mani Sir’s Madras movies again, I am that part of audience who wishes to see Tarantino’s earlier type of movies rather than these westerns. We did get Ok Kanmani, who knows we might get a Reservoir Dogs too.

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