Book Review – Thiraigalukku Appal

Posted: October 22, 2016 in Book Reviews
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I felt so guilty after reading this novel that I wanted to go back to my previous review of Indira Parthasarathy’s book ‘Theevukal’ where I had chastised him to have been a pseudo intellect.


Thiraigalukku Appaal was perfection! Even better than Aval Appadithan I’d suppose. Everything which didn’t work in Theevukal worked here. I haven’t read about his original whereabouts but the Delhi setting here worked perfectly and it’s good to see an author who’s not afraid to have the same setting for two different novels in a word where people blindly change the setting, first person to third person POV etc. for showing the difference.

Even though we read in Tamil, as soon as it’s as “Bhooma Englishil Sonnal” we get to know that a character doesn’t know Tamil and someone else had translated it. It was beautiful. But why the same thing didn’t work in Theevugal. Am I getting used to Indira Parthasarathy, am I becoming more and more of a literary feminist or is it just that I’ve read about the most annoying woman in literature, more annoying than the girl I like. In either ways it’s a clear winner.

Bhooma is a treasure trove, you don’t get to read such characters, if you are an actor, you don’t get to do such characters but in real life you don’t empathize with such characters. Rightly said as ahangaram niraintha vanadhevadhai. These heroines are good between bounded covers. The mystiques of a woman couldn’t have been better portrayed, such poor soul. Isn’t most of the woman who are extra confident and arrogant only are depressed inside.

That raises a question, if you know a woman is like that for some reason, would a man accept her. If I get to know someone like Bhooma who is super arrogant, would I love her? No. Would I sympathize her? Yes. But that sympathy would only irritate Bhooma more, even though I sympathize her for real and genuinely feel bad about her. So what really is the solution? How complicated life is.

On the other hand see Sasi, such beauty, not skin wise, I don’t even remember what physical description was given about her in book but Sasi is a girl everyone would love to have as a girlfriend. May be that’s what Madhavan says as Middle Class Attitude. How we are so much Madhavan’s, so much of a middle class.

When Sasi tells about Bhooma to Madhavan about how bad he feels for her, it was beautiful. It was my reflection of thoughts. Bhooma would have felt very bad that Sasi could judge her so perfectly. It was like being in bed with your wife and talking about the girl who loved you but you could not love back because of various reasons. Vice versa doesn’t hold true.

More than the characters, the writing, third person POV couldn’t have worked better. Those expressions of emotions while replying to each other and that middle part where the author talks about each characters and what they think were brilliant.

The climax though expected, still was a shot in the arm. When she says, “all of you get out”, there was so much pain, and I started smiling. It was the kind of smile you give seeing old WhatsApp messages and think how empty your life has become.

This very well could have been a movie by KB, who anyways would have sugarcoated. But still it would have been a masterpiece for people who would have watched the movie and not read the book.

There were hundreds of incidents in the book but of all the one scene which fails to go out of my head is Bhooma putting her hand around Madhavan’s waist, making him uneasy while saying, “en arumai athai peranae, nee enaku pillai mathiri, kattika koodatha…”


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