Movie Review – The Double Life of Veronique

Posted: October 18, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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The Double Life of Veronique didn’t make sense as much as it did during my first time watch when I used to binge watch movies. This might be the most complex of Kieslowski’s films. Three Colours and Decalogue, if given some time would sound much simpler than The Double Life of Veronique.

the double life of veronique.png

While I was searching for words to write about the film. Here’s what I came about in internet. “This is one of the most beautiful films I’ve seen. The cinematographer, Slawomir Idziak, finds a glow in Irene Jacob’s pre-Raphaelite beauty. He uses a rich palette, including insistent reds and greens that don’t “stand” for anything but have the effect of underlining the other colors. The other color, blending with both, is golden yellow, and then there are the skin tones. Jacob, who was 24 when the film was made, has a flawless complexion that the camera lingers near to. Her face is a template waiting for experience to be added” That is Ebert for you. You don’t claim Ebert to be genius. Ebert is Ebert, he makes sense, when he puts words on paper, and he makes sure we understand it. He’s not at all superficial. The best and the most loved critic the world has produced, to my knowledge.

Double Life… didn’t work for me. It would be a good film to boast about but it didn’t work as much as other unrelatable films like Stalker or That Obscure Object of Desire. But see how gloriously Ebert has put everything I liked about the film.

Colors, colors which ‘didn’t mean’ anything. I’m tired of all the analogy, background elements, metaphor etc. Here is one film which looks excruciating beautiful. It’s like going to a posh restaurant with excellent food and extraordinary ambience. Even though food is what you associate to a restaurants caliber, the ambience just embraces us. That’s what Double Life… does. You don’t pinpoint colors and analyze what it does but rather bask in the glory. Such sunlit perfection.

Veronica (Irene Jacob), not that I don’t like the name already, being chiseled in my memory by Deepika’s portrayal in Cocktail. But the Veronica here is a flawless beauty. A highly vulnerable girl who would have come across you, whom you’d have had the chance to have a fling but you don’t, not because you are good but because something bad shouldn’t happen to her. Only in the end to be seen her being used by someone worse with further ulterior motive. You end up feeling bad than what you’d have felt if you had been the guy who cheated on her. Especially during the climax scene when she sits with her legs folded, I couldn’t take eyes of her knees. Never have I been fascinated by a woman’s knee before. It was as good as women they show in HD porn where the only motive is to highlight the skin. Wikipedia rightly calls her ‘She came to represent an image of European sophistication’

I think the two times the puppets come is when we could at least come close to what the director is trying in the film. That’s the only part where even though beautiful, you see that there is some story revolving around it. Especially when the puppeteer tells he always has a backup. Life is so complicated isn’t it.


  1. I have not seen this one but have enjoyed some of his other films – Quite complex with layers but I guess that is what makes his films beautiful.

    Joy always,

    • Vikram M N says:

      Totally agree Susan. But except for his White, nothing worked for me. i guess i did a mistake by binge watching Decalogue in a single day like you do for Breaking Bad :p With rest i didn’t find that inclination.

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