Book Review – Theevukal

Posted: October 8, 2016 in Book Reviews
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May be because of a number of Sujatha short stories I read before this, I didn’t find Theevukal to be very realistic. What Sujatha could achieve in his twenty, thirty pages of short stories through his protagonists and their family, Indira Parthasarathy couldn’t.


Theevukal was very superficial. There wasn’t even a single character I could relate to, let alone sympathizing. Also I couldn’t find that a Delhi Hindi Family and a Brahmin family was involved in the same story. Except for the name, I couldn’t feel the difference. It felt like two Tamil families with different dialect. Only when family talks in their home we get to know that they are Brahmin Tamilians.

The difference in the class when Vijaya talks about, it wasn’t as cynical as a poor person would talk to a rich person. It’s like we don’t get to the character. We know that there is an artist who’s moving the puppet and not the puppet who’s acting. I don’t know how to explain, you just don’t feel like Vijaya is a person, you feel it only as a fragment of Authors imagination. It’s like appreciating certain aspects of film, like editing, cinematography etc. but the idea is to get immersed in it, no matter what form the art is, isn’t it. The lead villi Mohini, I don’t know why she was created like this, it was reasonless. A character which should have brought restlessness in us makes us restless rather by not being able to fix a mental structure to her character. The profoundness of Kapoor too looked artificial. A character who should have got sympathy through our helplessness rather looked plain boring. It felt like a neighbors story which wouldn’t even interest housewives who gather around there verandas to gossip. In all it looked pointless.

Even though miniscule there were bits and pieces I liked,  especially the ones about couples where Kapoor says that he likes husband and wife having certain bit of difference in knowledge which would strengthen their relationship. I mean that was brilliant. Whenever people talk about couples they talk about their wavelengths matching and all that stuff. But isn’t it the other way around. You can talk to friends for hours be it of the same sex or opposite. When you consider living, even though clichéd, there are few practicality which even though we don’t say, we abide to. There should be some admiration, be it humbleness, money or intelligence. My husband drives car so well, my wife cooks so well, my husband workouts very hard, my wife makes clear decision etc. Sadly people tend to never understand it and spoil their life.

P.S: Just because I said ‘my wife cooks so well,’ don’t ask me why I didn’t cite any other example and tag me as a Femi Semitist.


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