Movie Review – Wild Tales

Posted: September 13, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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See how such an apt title the movie has. I loved the surprise element in the very first part ‘Pasternak’. I even loved the name. A Russian kind of name. It adds to the curiosity factor. See how a template which looks very similar to Final Destination but made in such a classy way. This shows how important presentation is. The music post that too is terrific.


The next part ‘The Rats’ talks about a man who has spoilt a girl’s family. As we had not seen what exactly had happened, it gets difficult to sympathize with the girl. The man’s attitude makes us believe what the girl is saying as truth. We don’t know what exactly the older lady is thinking. Except for one joke, “when a poison is expired, is it more or less deadly?” I just loved the older lady’s attitude. The drama gets one notch higher when his son comes and eats the food, it even gets one notch higher when the old lady comes and stabs. Why she does, was he a bad person, all these questions are unanswered.

The third story ‘The Strongest’ was such a lovely tale of revenge. While watching I thought that it can’t get stronger than this and it was my favorite episode. During the climax, I was thinking from within, “go.. go… get him” That was the strongest emotion induced yet.

‘Bombita’, I love the name, also the actor was brilliant. Even though the helplessness of the lead was shown well, it was not something we haven’t seen. The story is a Shankar type one, so the familiarity lingers. It’s one story we’d blindly root to Bombita. Even though it feels good, it doesn’t give us the ‘wow’ factor which the rest of the stories do.

‘The Proposal’, another well heard of story, a bunch of selfish money hungry people’s story becomes so predictable right from the word ‘go’. The little bit of surprise we get is only during the climax but the mediocrity of the rest of the story bring the level of climax, one notch down.

‘Till Death Do Us Part’, the best titled short was saved as the last of the series, when it opened I thought he’s going to give a happy ending so it’s going to be an ordinary happy go lucky story but like how tough marriage is, this too was a strong story. Whatever conflicts we see in other relationship stories are only to certain level but here it goes beyond a point where we can think. It’s something that can’t be described but only felt.

That’s how the film is structured. Like my friend Parthi said, “We think that only till a certain extent a director will go, Bala goes one step higher, but Wild Tales director would have gone to an extent we can’t even think.” That’s how exactly it was. What I loved even more is how strong and unsettling these stories gets. If first was bad, second was super bad, it goes to the bad to the power of bad level in the end.



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