Movie Review – Iru Mugan

Posted: September 11, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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I intentionally didn’t watch Arimba Nambi after I got to know that Anand Shankar is going to make a movie with Vikram. Arimba Nambi being hugely applauded by Rangan made me more curious about Iru Mugan but I wasn’t hopeful like always. Every director has a knack of making their worst film with Vikram. I don’t know whether it happens because of Vikram’s insistence or the directors become so overwhelmed with his acting that they couldn’t make a normal character sketch for Vikram.

iru mugan.jpg

Coming out of the theatres I was thinking what to write about the movie, it was not fascinating, it was not a trash. Mediocre movies are always a problem. Even if it had been little to one side it’d have been easy to write.

Anand Shankar comes to the point right away, he even had come to the point before the movie release by revealing about the twist but there are indeed a lot of twists in the movie, fairly well made. The opening was decent, liked the title cards showing the evolution of the chemical war. The BGM by Harris adds to the scene. This guy is good when it comes to BGM but like most of the music directors in Tamil cinema he uses the same music again and again for characters. One for Vikram, one for Nayan and other one for Love.

There’s something about Nayanthara which other heroines don’t have, she looks fabulous, especially during interval block and in Halena song. In fact in Halena it’s very tough to move from one person to another, as both look terrific. It was superbly shot and could have been used as a standalone music video. Also it was very nice to see Vikram dancing carefree with smile, not worrying about tummy. It was like Dravid celebrating in IPL after taking a catch. It would look as horrible as it could but we feel happy for this man who has always put down his head and worked hard. When I see Vikram acting that’s what I feel, especially in this song when he was smiling I was like, “dei nee varsaya nalu padam flop kuduthurukae da, epidra evalo santhosama irukae” (how could you be so happy in spite of having given so many continuous flops)

But that’s the best part about Vikram too. No matter the outcome of the movies he keeps giving hundred percent. I know how satisfying that would feel. He looks perfect in every getup, even the voice modulation for RAW agent, even though not necessary, added to the feel. Thambi Ramaih was annoying but Karunakaran was fabulous, his role was well written as well as well acted. This guy is fabulous. Akhilan’s attitude, especially during the first half was really good. Flashbacks and the rest of the songs doesn’t really work.

I loved the opening scene but the director could have settled with close ups instead of wide frame because in the initial shot without footwear he looked a lot shorter. And as usual Vikram is the best when it comes to action. That had a little bit of disadvantage here because, people taking speed get adrenaline rush without expression (I don’t know why), so one of the major twists in the film has Vikram performing stunts without facial expression. But yes his ears too act but it would have been a lot better if the action sequence had been more expressive.

Coming to Love which attracted a lot of fan following as well as criticism. Of course no one could do the role as well as Vikram did. See the expression after Akhilan swears. I love it when he swears, remember the scene in Samy where he swears a MLA. Love’s eye movement, expression, diction, and voice everything looks totally different. In fact it looks so different that you forget that it’s Vikram and forget to appreciate him. The best part was, there was no history to that Love character. We again don’t want a soupy story of why Love is like this, had he transformed etc. etc. That scene where he comes out of ladies changing room with the women calling out, “hey this is ladies room.” That was an epic expression.

Having made all the twists in the first half and raised the expectation level, Anand Shankar should have done a lot better in the second half which he didn’t. He was totally dependent on the Love character which even though Vikram does it with élan, could have been made better. The intensity in making was missing. It again becomes a scene which works at least to so some level because of Vikram. Every scene which must have kept at the edge of our seats, like the hospital scene, jail scene etc. lacked logic severely. I don’t want to pseudo intellectually question the logic in a commercial film but I’d have liked to have being entertained at least like Dark Knight, which didn’t happen.

Anand Shankar’s Dark Knight fanaticism is clearly evident but only if he could have written a film as gripping as that, Iru Mugan would have been lot better.


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