Movie Review – Stalker

Posted: August 24, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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When my break into the next level of films happened, I used to watch four or five movies a day and have two to three hours of conversation with my friends who’d have already watched the movie. We sit and talk about the movie. It’s not analyzing or discussing, it’s just mere talking, where you don’t feel like you shouldn’t tell something. We do it in our own way without any compulsion, now and then I complaining about life and he complaining about art. At that time, after watching ‘Stalker’ I guess or ‘Mirror’. I don’t exactly remember, but one of the two, I told him, “I wonder will I ever understand Tarkovsky.” He told me not to repeat that depressing shit again. But I never thought I would ever understand Tarkovsky at any point of time, but while watching Stalker now and to understand how deep the movie was, more than happiness, a liberation, a satisfaction that I was finally able to understand the puzzle, even if not able to solve it. When understanding the puzzle is actually a solution in itself.


Stalker puts forth a lot of question, questions lot of beliefs. The way it seamlessly mingles philosophy with science was brilliant. I can’t think of a movie which has made us feel eerie without any jarring music or flashy effects, even the expressions were minimal. I wonder how Tarkovsky explains these scenes to the actors, how they grasp it and how the director gets satisfied with the performance. It’s as confusing as the movie is, the thought process behind the movie and evolution of it.

The film follows three people majorly, The Stalker, The Writer and Professor. The Professor is the least inspiring, every day guy you meet, and just that he’s in Tarkovsky’s world makes it look more morbid and villainous. You have to be in Tarkovsky’s world to hate Professor, because in our world filled with sanity he’d have been the man which people would have rooted for. As he’s so normal, everything he says are easily understandable and negligible, so it could be ignored.

The Writer is a guy like us, like me, just that he’s a little bit honest because of the surroundings. He’s the one whom we could try to understand the most and would give a satisfaction that we can understand Tarkovsky, because whatever he says is understandable if striven for but philosophical too. “A man writes because he is tormented, because he doubts. He needs to constantly prove to himself and the others that he’s worth something. And if I know for sure that I’m a genius? Why write then? What the hell for?” Anyone who doesn’t concur?

The Stalker, the most pitiful creature in the last, when the movie starts he’s one guy who would make us go back a couple of steps backward, gives us a an eerie aura, is quite confusing and absurd but by the end, through some unnatural force we root for him, when he cries in the bed during climax I could help but feel for him. Such a poor guy.

See how the whole movie evolves and puts us into a journey of fear. It’s just through the expression of actors he makes us get involved in the movie so much. The uneasiness prevails throughout the film through various means, the settings, the music, the location and most importantly blocking and shift of focus. How brilliantly done, how brilliantly done!



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