Book Review – Ooruku Nooru Per

Posted: August 22, 2016 in Book Reviews
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Sometimes some books take you by surprise. Ooruku Nooru Per is one such book. More than anything it gave me a genre shock. Thanks to my habit of not reading the introduction.

Ooruku Nooru Per

After making a conscious decision of reading only Tamil books, at least for the time being. I started with this small novel of about 96 pages by Jayakanthan. I’ve become a fan of this guy even before reading his novels. I loved his Ilakiyavathiyin Kalayulaga Anubavangal. I’ve started liking him as a person and his thought process.

Ooruku Nooru Per, after seeing the book cover, I thought would be a funny story but as the old saying goes, “do not judge a book by its cover” held true for this one. It was a totally different story than I expected.

Even though the second half of the book which deals with extreme leftism didn’t work for me mainly because of violence. But also due the fact that I didn’t find the event an inspiring one to get into the ideology. But it was equivalent to Kuruthipunal Nasser’s track in execution but still wasn’t fulfilling.

The best part about the book was its first half. The matured never-say-out-loud romance and breakup. Loved the musings about marriage. When authors indulge, this is what we get.

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