Book Review – Lord Jim

Posted: July 25, 2016 in Book Reviews
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Another book. Another time. Again it didn’t work. Trust me, reading a book twice and still not finding why it’s great is such a horrible feeling. It’s worse than what Jim feels during his trial.

Lord Jim

The concept is what makes the book an art. A man who is nobody failing at a chance to be hero. Even though Jim feels guilty throughout for escaping from the ship before the inmates. The pain is more because of the fact, that he couldn’t be hero in spite of a big event happening. Haven’t this happened to us many a time. Every time I fail in exam I make up my mind that from that day that I would be studying very hard and top in class. There is no in between. From a coaching class student to topper. It’s just the start, if I get fired for some mistake in office, I would think of the dream job I missed. This is never going to end. Events should end in our favor. Good or bad, it must be in our favor. We must be the subject.

I would have liked this confusion to go on and Jim to be eternally tormented but the problem with yesteryear books is the conclusion they bring upon. The whole Patusan episode and he being the Lord didn’t work for me at all. It’s like how Selvaraghavan makes a terrible mistakes in most of his second half movies after a brilliant start.

Robinson Crusoe is one book in that category which overdid than what is necessary. The final expedition was totally needless which spoilt the entire mood of the book. With Mill and the Floss, it was the same but I liked the book so much that I was able to forgive the loud climax. I’m still waiting to read a less dramatic Modern Classic.


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