Movie Review – Sairat

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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I was wowed into the film by the magic word called ‘Premam’ and woven out of it by the magic of Archie. To have gone to theaters with a happy notion ‘Sairat’ was nothing short of surprise, after the end.


Like it or not, you’d love Archie (Rinku Rajguru). Such attitude! This girl can act, can’t she? It took me a while to settle in with the movie. In fact everywhere her name appears first, before the hero Parshya (Akash Thosar). The only actor who has Wikipedia link amongst all is she.

Is Archie being the hero, the reason why Parshya was introduced in that way jumping in the fields? Looked like a typical heroine introduction shot, playing in the field. Anyways I didn’t like the scene. Archie for a change gets a Bullet (I mean the bike) entry with much applauds. I loved the ‘well’ scene more than that.

Even though role reversal was given high praise in the movie, more than the mere role reversal what appealed me is how much of man a woman can be and how much of woman a man can be. Parshya being the weaker one amongst the two still gets to be the cricket captain and score those winning runs. Archie being the stronger one still cries for her family once they elope. That fine line which the director had rope walked was the success of the characterization.

I loved the whole Archie family setup, especially her brother. When he first made entry in bullet I thought he was going to be made fun off, when Archie takes his bike I again thought that he’d be made fun off but whenever crisis situation occurred he was shown as the stronger one. For example he pulling Archie when he sees her kiss. But he is the same guy who gets scolding from her sister in his house after he beats the teacher. I thought at some Parshya is going to become hero, my male ego said so but he didn’t. Loved the scene where he serves tea in the climax.

Next to Archie, the character that interested me the most was Pradeep (Tanaji Galgunde), I mean Balya. It’s not something very different. But the best scene in the movie where he gets nails instead of letter made me love the character. He being content that he would not get a girl was fine but that topic was not brought again and again just to evoke sympathy. In fact the very next scene he’d be made fun of, a kid who gives letter in the later scene would act as if he’s throwing the ball at him. Isn’t it lovely, how even that kid who appears only in one scene has a lead instead of directly jumping into the scene.

Apart from this above awesome scene there would be two scenes which would be overlooked. The one where Parshya and gang go to meet Archie, a train passes by, they dance for a minute and then continue with their task. The other one is when they elope, they see Parshya’s relative in bus stand, in such crisis situation. They just pass by him like a stranger. If both these scenes had not happened, no one would have complained but these two scenes adds so much to the feel of the movie and the practicality. Superbly written ones these…

The technical brilliance of Sairat is how efficiently it masks it technical brilliance unlike Premam which is flashy. Sairat does have those flashy scenes in Sairat song but two stand out scenes. The scene where Archie and co travel by boat, lighting there, when the camera does a 360 degree turn. Even for that one people would clap hands but brilliant scene would be the one where they come out of cinema hall, the light on their face gradually increasing. Brilliant, just brilliant. If the nail scene worked for me emotionally, the theatre scene was the one I absolutely adored for its technicality.

But what didn’t work for me in the film is the violence which started all of a sudden. I can understand that the immature love was because they were school kids but it leading to such violence wasn’t my cup of tea but it’s the same violence during the climax which impacted me. That few minutes in second half where Parshya slaps Archie was very cinematic, that one thing could have been handled in some other way. Even though I loved the school portions, that way Archie looks at him in class, would it have impacted me if not for the ultraviolent climax. Is it fine to like the movie only because of climax because I’m not sure how much I’d have liked the movie if the climax scene hadn’t happened?


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