Movie Review – Before Sunrise

Posted: June 28, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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Before Sunrise is the kind of movie which you can write a review even before watching the film. You know there would be few moments in life which would be etched in your memory, those few things which would be cinematic than actual cinema itself. Before Sunrise is one such movie and watching it for the first time was one such experience.

before sunrise

I’ll just take the content from my second time viewing and match it with the first time experience because I wasn’t as overwhelmed as watching it for the first time because of so much of mind blowing I wanted the film to do to me once more.

My first time viewing was like an ideal date which happened perfectly like how you planned, on the rooftop, perfectly chilled champagne, to the note musicians etc. While watching it on rooftop with fellow movie buffs, without knowing what the film was about, this movie created a stir. I had the DVD of the film for quite a while. But it never interested me to watch the film. An unknown director, not so famous stars, that sunrise in the background, that lovey dovey eyes with which they see each other… I was like, “duh, who’d watch another Nora Robertish love story like this.” Never did I know that it would be ‘the love story’

But still people who had watched the whole series (yet) still have problem with this movie, in spite of it having an RT rating of 100, claiming it to be the film with least maturity, with people talking about love and love only. But what I say is, if people could talk about love this lovely, why complain. Take for example the quote, sorry it’s degrading to be called a quote, every quote in the film is verse coz it’s not a film but a poetry. The quote goes like this, “You know what’s the worst thing about somebody breaking up with you? It’s when you remember how little you thought about the people you broke up with and you realize that is how little they’re thinking of you. You know, you’d like to think you’re both in all this pain but they’re just like ‘Hey, I’m glad you’re gone’.” No poem ever has brought this much pain to me. On your face, you ‘playboys’.

The whole ‘you’s’ that I use in my sentences were Linklater’s influence. In Before Sunrise, it’s not just Jessie and Celine talking to each other but them both talking to us. If only there had not been any screen between us.

There is a reason why everyone likes ‘Before Sunrise’. Haven’t the sensible you avoided at least once the crazy you to stop getting down from the train one stop before the place you always get down, hasn’t the serious you avoided your crazy you at least once to go get a dip in beach but resorted to watching out the bags because your dress might get wet and you can’t travel home in wet dress. ‘Before Sunrise’ is a kind of movie which breaks all these shackles and lets you be the ‘you’ which you always wanted to be, but not could be. You know what’s better? That, it’s someone sharing the same feeling and that one is a woman. What more do you want in life?

In a film which is all about dialogues, sorry verses, there is one brief moment of silence, when they hear a record, they look at one another but don’t. It was one such scene where even the director would have found it tough to say ‘cut’ because he wouldn’t have been knowing whether they were actually romancing or acting. In another scene on the park, before they have sex, Celine says, “So you wouldn’t come and meet me” or something, and makes a face. Oh Woman, they kill me! I was afraid that the sex scene would turn me on or would make people go skirmish because it’s not a film where you actually want to see skin. Of course it’s fascinating when they dance the next day morning, Celine without the inside shirt but it’s a kind of scene where you adore seeing the couple, that college girl which you watched as a school going kid, her boyfriend entering the room unknown to anyone but known to you, she not getting afraid that you saw her but rather says ‘hi’, you being happy for her ‘hi’ rather than being sad about ‘she’ being with some guy, you who could see what they were doing inside the room if you take some effort but rather avoid it because you are a good boy. Before sunrise is one such movie, you don’t want to get a boner for it. Linklater does it beautifully, when they start having sex the camera glides away from them like a passing butterfly which goes away from the flower when the next flower touches it by a gentle breeze.

You know, you can keep talking about the movie, not the cinematic aspects but what the film gave you. And it’s one such movie when someone says they liked you as much as you do, you can laugh it off saying, “you got to be kiddin’” and when someone says that they didn’t like the movie you could be even more happy thinking, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”






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