Movie Review – Iraivi

Posted: June 15, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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Thanks to the U/A certificate, which now has become synonymous with Karthik Subbaraj and my intentional negligence. I knew nothing about the movie when I went to theatres. And there isn’t anything more awesome than not knowing nothing.


He woos you right from the first, its women instead of men who talk about their dreams and passion. There is rain in the background. Anjali, an absolute treasure trove amongst the new generation of women, nails her role perfectly. She starts with the dialogue, “Enaku oru Kamal, Thala, Thalapathy mari oruthan varuvan (no mention of Rajni you see…)” Kamalinee Mukherjee teases us with her eloquence. In fact it’s Kamalinee Mukherjee who has weightier role but as we being judgmental people we always value the opinion of poor to a higher level. Within this two interlock we see a couple of other tracks too. Camera zooms, pans, floats, swivels, cuts, edits. It has everything for a wannabe filmmaker to look at. And also local audience to claim that they have raised their level. Look how teasingly he evokes our curiosity with the rain background, in the initial few minutes. Beauty…

That’s the best part of Karthik Subbaraj, he makes a joke on everyone. The cleverest among filmmakers in current era. Like how he made joke of the producer here and his first film in Jigarthanda which would have been applauded by Vijay Sethupathi without realizing the joke was on him too, here too he makes a joke on every one of us, “ipolem patu potalae art ila commercialnu solranga” (nowadays people claim the movie to be commercial film just because it has songs). Because to hate Iraivi is not easy. If you hate it you’ll be called a person who doesn’t like quality cinema, who doesn’t like women centric subject etc. This movie would appeal to men more than women but because it is women centric subject no woman is going to say that they didn’t like the movie. So he gets both the blind support as critical acclaim. How else could a director be cleverer?

He’s not only clever but courageous too. He out rightly takes a dig at producers and also criticizes film. “Nee pesakodathu, padam pesanum” (You shouldn’t talk, the film should talk). This started in second film itself but here he has raised the bar here. He’s doing an Allen with respect to Tamil Cinema.

Above all this film would be more fun when the pseudo intellects start praising it. There was one guy in restroom during interval who was saying, “nan intha mari padam elam epo rasika arambichaen theriyuma, Onayum Atukutiyumla irundhu…” (I started enjoying these kind of movies after watching Onayum Atukutiyum) seriously? Now people would claim it to be a QT type of movie, next level movie etc. but none would have got what Karthik wanted to get. Boy, isn’t he a genius?

And then there are men. Vijay Sethupathi, when I thought had reached his peak and going down, slaps his face and puts a slap in our face by such a clinical performance which is so anti-men and couldn’t have been done by anyone in a better way. All this in spite of him knowing very well that it would be overlooked by S J Suryah’s performance. Shows how non-egoistic these people are. S J Suryah showcases one of the best performances on screen. Never knew that he’s such a good actor. The only spoiler is Bobby Simha, who was pathetic. As my friend indicated, even in twist scene he was horrible. Couldn’t believe how he performed such an epic role in Jigarthanda. I guess he performs only when given a drastically different role. When he has to play a common man, he falters. First KO-2, not this. Vikram is generally claimed to be an actor who doesn’t do a common man’s role but the difference between Vikram and Bobby Simha is Vikram doesn’t do common man’s role (in spite of being a dedicated son in Dil, a poor passerby in crowded bus in Samurai) but Simha couldn’t do. Hope he comes back strong

If this movie had been made in Turkish and had very few seeds in torrents, it would have been considered one of the best films ever known to mankind. But because this is mainstream it’s not going to achieve the fame it ought to. But to have made such a film and made audience watch them itself is a success.

This isn’t a template film but it isn’t also a template breaking film. Cameras don’t move for no reason, it doesn’t rain for no reason, things don’t happen for no reason. But we can’t find the reason for all these no reasons. Iraivi, a female fantasy.


  1. Good review. About this…//This movie would appeal to men more than women but because it is women centric subject no woman is going to say that they didn’t like the movie.// I think the movie is average and it is not women centric. Maybe people are gonna call me that I don’t know what a art movie means or what a quality movie is …. who cares..right?

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