Movie Review – American History X

Posted: June 8, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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There has been a number of anti racist movies which has been coming and going every year. But in plain words, it would be boring tear jerkers but American History X is one movie which stands apart in this category, for quite a few reasons.

American History X

To make a nonlinear movie, one must be sure when to cut and when not to. Here you have the tension and the need-to-know curiosity till the point where Derek (Edward Norton) tells his brother Danny (Edward Furlong) about the things happened in jail. It’s not only name which is confusing but also their appearance. Till a certain point of time I was confused who was Danny and who was Derek, My next confusion was about the two characters. Am I seeing Edward Norton in both the places? Third was the time period. I couldn’t find drastic difference in the form of looks by these two people.

I loved this method of not having a totally different get up of the same people just for the sake of it. Most of the time in movies, not only their get up changes but also their mannerisms and attitude, which gets applauded as great acting. But isn’t that method wrong, how would a person’s mannerism change in such a short notice. Anbe Sivam, a film which has been applauded for Kamal’s acting also suffers from this disorder. Look at the way he smiles and delivers his dialogue, it totally looks like a different person post-accident.

The first one hour of the movie flies by decoding all these things. Once Derek comes back from prison, there is a different type of tension. But you got to give it to Derek and Danny for their attitude. I was shivering, thinking about their death in various different ways but the way they carry about with their tasks were effortless. Credit has to be given to the director to have kept the tension throughout the film.




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