Book Review – Open Veins of Latin America

Posted: June 4, 2016 in Book Reviews
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Open Veins of Latin America is my introduction to world history and first non-fiction book. Eduardo Galeano who himself considers this a boring book now, has my sympathy.


To make a nonfiction interesting is a herculean task. Open Veins… had my curiosity till a certain extent, along with my curiosity of people and history. But it vanished after a certain point. The book is too sarcastic, too dreary at most times.  Sarcastic to a level that I wasn’t even understanding whether it was sarcasm or not. In a way that was also good because, if you write with so much emotion you can’t lie. The fact that all these are mostly facts and not fiction, spoils it even more. It was like watching a war live, unlike choreographed violence, that too with a heavily pessimistic person.

Wherever I walk, whichever street I take, it’s a street of shame. Someone would have killed someone else. There would be some boss, some slave. It’s a rotten rotten world.

But the problem with the book was I couldn’t come to a conclusion or start or summary. I knew things went wrong because of colonization. Why it went wrong, what is the end to it, what would have happened if colonization had not taken place? May be I’m not supposed to get all answers in one book. A wise man once said that the true history of the world is the history of great conversations in elegant rooms. True isn’t it? There is no history without stampede and sorrow.



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