Movie Review – Anukokunda Oka Roju

Posted: May 7, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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It’s a different kind of Joy to watch independent films. Independent films which are not made perfectly. With films like Premam you feel like you would want to assist the director to learn about the film but with films like Anukokunda Oka Roju you feel like actually getting out of your home and making that film that you always wanted to do.

anukokunda oka roju

Anukokunda Oka Roju is by no means a perfect film but a film made with brilliant idea, deep honesty and so much commitment. When film like Revenant could be appreciated for the effort, films like these should be appreciated for the sincerity.

Of course there were crazy camera angles, badly edited scenes, not so good DI but see the intention. To show continuity there is a talk about cricket and in the next scene there are kids playing cricket and nothing looks forced because the scene continues so beautifully to the tuition teacher and Charmee entering the flats.

In fact the whole film was brilliantly written. Be it the continuation or character sketch or the twist. Everything was so well made. That’s the thing which makes the film something to watch out far in spite of so many negatives. And quite well acted too.

Of all the actors, to include Charmee was a masterstroke. Having been introduced to Charmee in a different manner, being from Tamil Nadu. Every scene where she gets wanders alone, gets drugged etc made me think that she’s going to shed her clothes off. To be honest, it was a disappointment that she didn’t. That curiosity augured well to keep the movie going

I also liked the way that Jagapati Babu’s character was sketched. Negative, cruel, funny but in a way which every man could relate to and nothing over the top. I also loved the love angle and how it goes wrong. The dejection which he faces towards the end too brought a smile in my face.


  1. Ramesh Isanaka says:

    Shashank acted as cab driver and Harshavardan acted as tution master has done well. One key learning from this film for me apart from screenplay is action comedy and situtional comedy. The way the humour merged with the main plot, which is essential to the these day’s commercial films.

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