How YJHD could be my life story or not

Posted: April 23, 2016 in Just Like That
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When I compare, don’t ask me how I can compare myself with Ranbir. If that’s the first thought which comes to your mind, well… you’re not my readers.


Watching it for the umpteenth time, the first time being an epic failure after my Spiti ride. I wrote a scathing review of this movie. With this, this might be the first re review of any movie. Still I won’t call this my all-time favorite, which would question my incompetency.

My first re watch of this happened on one fine Friday. I was in an envy mood. Don’t know what was that as such. I was in a jinx with Naina. With Naina it’s always like that, you know the short specs wali girl, woh dance bi ache khelti na… haan wahi. With Naina there was some fight, well… it’s mostly one sided. I always lose but Naina doesn’t even think she’s in a fight, which technically makes me winner too.

I watched few favorite scenes, it extended to almost 1 PM, then I started sending my stupid overenthusiastically romantic WhatsApp BigMessage. This BigMessage is a dangerous category, very few people have access to it, but almost with all who have access to it, I could say that it works but with Naina you never know. I slept at 2 PM. Not 1 PM. I had to wake up at 6 for tennis. I had a splitting headache, no rest that day, I went to see bad Revenant, next day too full day rehearsal so got headache.

Then I became fan of few scenes and repeatedly started watching the movie, now I did watch the second half fully in no time. There are scenes, “Tu right nahi hai Naina, bas mujhse alag hai”, best is when she says, “mein janti hoon”. The whole scene is superbly built till the end, “Jitna bhi try karo, life mein kuch na kuch chhutega hi. Toh jahaan hai, uska maza lete hai na”

Then there is a beer scene, tu ja, Vikram mera friend hae. It’s funny when you are Vikram and you have someone else as Vikram on screen and you have to call him Vikram. It was like that. I was like, “Vikram loser, what is he doing?” I was thinking like Bunny all the while but wait… Vikram loser. I went to Vikram’s shoes. Does that really how people think of me, but Naina interrupted, “ja… jakar sorry bol use”, “mein kyun bolun sorry.”

There was Naina then, like that, under the moon. She tries to explain that they are not for each other, but when he kisses, she kisses back. She likes it, that’s what Bunny feels, but does she really like it. She says she can’t leave her parents, clinic etc. She asks whether he’d leave his travel thing for her. At that juncture their parents are their true villains. None of them have good opinion about their parents, but they love them. Classic isn’t it.

Naina had told that. Vikram respects the trust. Naina finally accepts that he can’t do what she said, she knows that he likes him in spite of that, she knows she is the one who has to undergo the sacrifice, “janti hu Bunny, samajhti hun tumhe, pata hai tumhare sapne kya hai, ki tum zindagi se kya chahte ho.” but she also knows that he’ll give surprise like no one. She knows he’s the best, when it comes to giving surprise. Hey kabeera… “mein apna daddy mummy ko chodkar nahi ah sakta hoon Bunny” Bunny is confused that whether its only her parents, for which she doesn’t come or whether she doesn’t want to come at all.

As soon as Bunny gets a flash second of her saying yes, his parents immediately come to his mind, how to tackle them? Then a flash of ‘Annihilation of Caste’ comes to my mind. Bunny understands that’s his life. No matter what he does, something goes missing.

Bunny indeed is really me, sans the happy ending climax, which would be happy in Bunny’s dream. “Apne mind me already shaadi kar chuka hun tujhse aur tu bhi kar le mujhse” That was indeed the cutest fight ever. Dreamssssssss


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