Movie Review – Aval Oru Thodar Kathai

Posted: April 6, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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What a hard hitting movie it is. No matter how many movies come, this still remains as a truly coming of age film. Someone rightly pointed about this being the one movie which people associate to feminism even after such a long time and Sujatha has become the face of feminism. This one movie would be accepted by both genders equally to be one of the best feminist movies. No wonder men are best feminists and KB the master of it.

aval oru thodar kathai

The initial few minutes gives you brilliant characterization in the form of Sujatha going to office. There are few awkward, not seen before scenes when it comes to a family movie. She raising her saree low, adjusting her bra etc. But none of the scenes are erotic. Then there is a zoom out of temple to Sujatha. And the way she goes to office. It ends up with her calling Blue Cross for help. Beauty! Beauty! We also see the way their family reacts. Best is when the blind brother sleeps and pushes the cigarette cases.

Also the beautiful way the future scenes were shown with a voice over was something different for this film. It’s not a kind of film where you say, “Isn’t this the scene which came during opening?” like that of Tarantino’s film. The point here is its insignificance. That adds to the beauty of the film.

Credit has to be given to KB more than that of Sujatha because of the confidence she had in her. But to act in a debut film where you have to be on top of others and appear older than your usual self is a challenge which many would be failing at. Look how Sujatha does that with élan with so many experienced actors. You see the movie only in a certain hierarchy with Sujatha on top.

Even though I had loved KB’s much optimistic movies before, this was the first on-your-face movie which I loved. In fact I wrote about this movies in my Top 5 movies of all time to The Hindu. As luck favors, it didn’t get published.

Aval Oru Thodar Kathai is an enigma. A film which has so many slap-in-your-face scenes. At first I hated the scene where Fatafat Jayalakshmi’s mother gets involved in the love act, then when we were talking about the film I hated Vijayakumar for being such a bastard but now I feel bad for Kamal more than anyone. When Kamal says, “enaku rendu medayumae kedaikalanga…” it was one of the deepest saddest emotion to have ever said by a human being. What a genius!

There was only a few minute conversation between Sujatha and Kamal after their breakup but within those scenes the slight glimmer of hope about how good it’ll be if they end up being together was so lovely. Maybe they never thought about it. But still there was something about them that stokes our curiosity. Genius!

Then there were of course scenes which had KB stamp, like that of the scene where Sujatha and others enjoy by throwing ink on each other, beautiful use of light and sound in that shadow scene where Sripriya waits for Vijayakumar.

If there was one complaint about the movie, I didn’t like the way Fatafat Jayalakshmi’s character was transformed to that of ‘good’ girl by draping saree and becoming religious. In fact the few minutes when everything gets into place were the only part of the movie which didn’t feel like it fit into the movie. Only when the climax happens with Usha sewing machine, widow, children and tiffin box. Normalcy got restored. Sadness prevails. Hail Sadness!



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