Book Review – The Tin Drum

Posted: April 6, 2016 in Book Reviews
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After four months here I am writing my first review of yet another book which I didn’t understand head or tails of it. But thankfully I somehow completed this humongous book rather than keeping away another monster which took the first two months at the start of the year, Lord Jim. Now I should start it all over again and don’t know how long it would take up to finish it. The things that I’m going to read in near future too seems to be very tough reads.

the tin drum

So Tin Drum, a supposedly a never-grew-more-than-three-year-old-midget’s story took forever to get into groove. In fact the very fact that Oskar is a midget, I got to know only after about a hundred pages. Sweet me! It somewhat made sense post that. Why Oskar gets into his grandma’s four skirts and all that. I didn’t think it was literal. In fact to differentiate between literalism and surrealism itself was a herculean task. Thanks to the unreliable author who couldn’t have been more unreliable.

I could understand why this book was recommended to me. The absolute honesty! Few things which Oskar says about the ‘grown ups’ are so true. Sometimes you feel like you would want to be a retard. Like how you would want to be an orphan to chase your dreams. You can be in your own world, rather than understanding others or being understood by others, which really doesn’t happen. Emotion can’t be exchanged. It can only be exhibited. But at the end of the day it becomes a penniless exhibition which people would visit only for window shopping and carry on with their emotions with their loved ones. Fools are them who think that they are in harmony and laughing at this exhibition. There could also be another layer where one of them would have been laughed at by the other. This cycle never ends. And no one is ever going to understand. Sometimes I feel that we all exist in a matrix. In that way it would be lot better. Whatever happened to me I could blame on the matrix which is much technical and sophisticated than the everyday theist word ‘Karma’ which of course is a bitch.

Of all the deeds I loved the Jesus and Satan deed of Oscar. The way he goes to church and ridicules Jesus and Baptism was a laugh riot. I’ve always wanted to ridicule or make an evil story of personalities loved by all, like, Mother Teresa. Of course I’d be jailed before that happens. But people like Salman Rushdie, Gunter Grass give me a sense of satisfaction and guts to raise my middle finger above all.

If you read this book, you can’t stop but compare with that of Midnights Children which again is an epic but this looks more profound for its sense of imagination. Because with The Tin Drum you know for sure that it is not real. At least for Midnights Children, Salman Rushdie would have got some inspiration, some notes etc.

I never thought I could write this much. Don’t know whether it was because I was pissed off or this book increased my quotient of depression. Few lines are even rhyming like that of the book. This book even though I didn’t understand would definitely serve we well in future.


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