Movie Review – Thanneer Thanneer

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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Had huge expectations on this one as it had got KB a national award. But like every issue based film this too faltered with false sentimentality and was less of an art. In fact if you look it as a KB film it has very few scenes with KB stamp in it. The climax of the film where you see flags instead of crops are the scenes which you usually associate with a KB film. But the film looked like a cinematic version of documentary.

thanneer thanneer

Saritha steals the show right from the first. What an actor she is. Those big eyes, even bigger pottu. Is there a better actress who can stand close up than her? She is rightly called lady Sivaji but even Sivaji tries to twist his facial muscles while trying to emote. But with Saritha just a blank stare is enough. See how she looks at you when she has to bow down in shame after informing the villagers that it might rain. It makes us feel guilty as if we are nature. With Saritha, Lakshmi and Sujatha, what an era it was then. I wonder whether a period like that would come now with heroines taking major role and talking in proper Tamil. In fact half the work would be done when you can talk in proper Tamil.

Rest of the cast were not really worthy. That romance between the rebel and the lady looked like any other Bharathiraja movie. I didn’t like the way it ended too. But with the red towel and a close up shot of it, I could understand the communist angle behind it. In fact when he becomes a naxal, it looked as if that’s the only way it could end. Not every time do we sympathize with a terrorist or naxal. That’s what failed in Viswaroopam which tried to show the terrorists in a better angle but failed to. It was a regular hero based film after a while.

What faltered in Thaneer Thaneer was its literalism, a villager chucking a plough is fine, but Saritha explaining it to someone while they go to take water is bad. Similarly every scene gets a voice over explanation by someone or the other.

Of all the characters, only the sarcasm of the teacher appealed to me. Rest all looked plasticky and picky. When election dates are nearby and people tell the importance of voting. This film tells us how effective it is to boycott the election rather than voting. In fact the explanation by people, calling it not as a way to rebel but rather as a way to show their anger was so brilliant. Their resignation in their voice which had become their everyday life was so well captured.

Apart from the climax, the best scene according to me in the movie would be the one where the whole village would be boycotting the election but one guy would hurriedly go, write his name, drink three glasses of water and come back. Such brilliance. I had expected more such scenes in the movie. But he tried to be more honest to the script than to show off his brilliance.

  1. ranjit iyer says:

    People who sit in air conditioned room watching this film don’t connect with these kind of films, that’s what exactly happened to you. You people praise films that doesn’t have any soul in it like soodhu kavvum, pizza or jigarthanda because you think you have a rich taste of films but you guys are just showing off. You are looking only to the art of filmmaking in it and not looking into the soul of the movie or what it is trying to do.

    You are saying this food is not tasty, he is not a good chef but you have to understand that healthy foods don’t always taste good they are just good for your health and the films you are praising because of its art of making is like you are eating an unhealthy junk food but delicious and you are praising it because it is tasty.

    Moreover, if you compare this filmmaking with your style of writing (since you don’t have a film on your name, I could only take your blog writing as your creation here) I would say it is thousand times better than yours

    • Vikram M N says:

      Cinema is not about story but about story telling. Calling this film is fine. But one need not need an AC room to praise the films you quoted, “Jigarthanda, Soodhu Kavum and Pizza”

      Could you please substantiate on what made you like Thaneer Thaneeer and what made you hate the films that you quoted, apart from AC ofcourse.

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