Movie Review – Singin’ in the Rain

Posted: March 28, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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The best musicals are the ones which you don’t even realize that it’s a musical. Singin’ in the rain was one such movie. And not being a big fan of dance I still loved the choreography in the movie. Everything was organic in the movie. Even though Gene Kelly doesn’t look like a guy whom you’d want to see him dance, he still does with so much sincerity. With musicals, the acting would be loud and which would spoil the seriousness of the movie. Even if it’s a comedy there needs to some seriousness to prove its genuinety. That’s what would be lacking in most of the musicals but not here.

singin in the rain

Though Cosmo Brown (Donald O’Connor) was a sidekick to Don Lockwood he was stellar in it. I loved both his performance and the way his character was written. Even though both would have started with a humble origin and Lockwood would have become a star, their friendship would still exist with no ego. That’s the best part.

And Debbie Reynolds as Kathy. What a beauty she is. And no small actor too. More than the chemistry between Kathy and Lockwood I loved the chemistry between Cosmo Brown and Kathy. Again so much affection. When Kathy kisses Cosmo Brown and he falls off the sofa it was so cute instead of being adultery.

Jean Hagen as Lina Lamot as an actress with high pitch voice was again fabulous. Makes us all hate her by that single gesture. It’s not easy to perform in such a role, that too especially during climax where she has to become villainous. She does look tough with that voice towards the end. Credit has to be given to her for that.

One interesting incident about the movie was. When Lockwood tells about their past I was wonder how radio movies of this movie would have worked. It doesn’t have to work but for some reason that came to my mind.



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