Movie Review – Mahanagar

Posted: March 22, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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Satyajit Ray is the master of making an epic out of everyday life story. Mahanagar was yet another attempt at that. Even though it was kind of like KB’s movies, this movie was full-fledged, less cinematic and more artistic. But for Ray’s standard it wasn’t as hard hitting as I thought.


Ray is such a romantic, the beauty that he sees through the fading light couldn’t be matched with anyone else. Even though there is a lot of criticisms of the photographers trying to take photo of poor people to show their skill. Which I kind of agree to an extent too. But there is something about poor people that strikes you. It’s so beautiful that you fall for it. That instant sympathy. The respect you have immediately on them because what you think as the poor’s standard of living would be their everyday standard of living and they go about it in their own way.

May be that’s why I like family films no matter how bad they are. Visu, Vikraman, Karan Johar, everyone appeal to me. There is something about this bond. There is something about middle class. Even though I can’t make a movie like the above three. I can definitely try to make a movie like KB or Ray.

I’ve always wondered how great movies always have pitch perfect acting. Taking the movie to next level. Apart from her brilliant acting, what a beauty she is, Aarti Mazumdar (Madhabi Mukherjee) When Subrata Mazumdar (Anil Chatterjee) tells to his wife, “If you had been at least a little bit less attractive, I wouldn’t have had an objection on you going for a job.” I found it to be so beautiful. So real. She would qualify my list to be the best housewife. See how she considers her husband’s opinion when she thinks that he is unhappy. The scene where she throws the lipstick and the climax scene is quite brilliant. I could feel so much pain inside her. I know this wouldn’t qualify well under present scenario where women are more independent and the thought process has changed but the way her character is shown, for the sake of better word, is poetic.

Though Tamil film Suryakanthi looked to have been majorly inspired from this film. Mahanagar’s practicality wasn’t there in Suryakanthi. Everything in Suryakanthi looks exaggerated like big house, heavy makeup etc. after the wife gets a job. But here the things are as small as a lipstick and sunglass. Sheer beauty. I got so much respect for this woman.

I tell this repeatedly that I would want a wife who should be able to bring up my children even if I die the very next of the marriage. Aarti would be that kind of wife!



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