Movie Review – Lucia

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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Lucia is a dream. For aspiring filmmakers it’s a dream come true. Lucia gave me a lot of hope. Making me want to do what I want to do. I’m sure it’d have affected the rest of the people too in a similar way. I’m happy that I did myself a favor my watching it on a Friday night by returning early from office.


Few years back I used to live in Anna Nagar in a small one bedroom rented apartment. While I was doing college all I wanted was to get a job and then I thought life would be fruitful. Because there was no cable TV in my house I used to get a lot of time to dream. My sleeping habit is well known to many of my friends. I can sleep at any place, any position, any amount of time. Even in class I used to sleep, only with my eyes open. All the time I used to dream. I used to exist in various alternate realities. One thing that doesn’t change in alternate reality is my name.

When I used to walk in that big street from school road leading to welcome colony there used to be a two ground Chirra House on the right, with green paint and covered car parking. Every time I cross the house I see myself living inside the house in alternate reality. That used to be my house in my dream and I lived the dream during my sleep as well as I was awake. It was very beautiful.

Sometime back we constructed a house. Not as big as Chirra house but quite spacious with covered car park and all. When I used to look from balcony, things looked so bleak. I could see myself walking down the streets and looking at houses like that. For me big houses meant happiness but once I entered it, it was blank. I kept on searching for happiness but as one of my friends asked, “unaku en sogama irukurathu avalo pudichiruku?” (why do you like being sad so much?) I realized that I’d be happy only when I’m sad. And that’s how life goes.

If you are reading to get an insight of the movie I’m sorry to have bored you but whenever I get doubts regarding my writing I get films like this. In inspires me to do things that I do in my own way. And I’d never forget the quote by Roger Ebert, “I’ve been writing like this for the past 50 years. It never changed.” And nothing was ever beautiful than my grandfather Ebert’s words.

As soon as I watched Lucia I felt like filming the script which I’ve been writing now. How awesome it’d be to shoot as soon as you are inspired. It’d be like using a drug to your benefit. But it’s fine. At least I’m writing.

As soon as I finished watching Lucia the first thing I decided is to not watch the Tamil version. Films like these have to be savored. Not analyzed. Everything was pitch perfect in Lucia. When the movie started, before the title cards, I was skeptical about the movie because it so looked like a short film. I was wondering why people were so engrossed about the movie. But once the title flashed on screen it was epic. The director would have went through a lot to have written a script like this. Because when you are in a struggle you can’t write a profound script like this. All you feel like is fighting. Proving your point to the people.

The titles was terrific. Reminded me severely of Seven’s titles. The way we see the first shot of cinema theatre too was brilliant. A nice little clue was given to us by the director by showing us a glimpse of Requiem for a Dream. And when he says in the title that this film is a tribute to hundred years of Kannada cinema. It truly is a tribute by talking about talkies and cinema. This is the exact reason why Cinema Paradiso didn’t work for me and Lucia worked for me like anything. When Shankranna dies here it got tears to my eyes. And how beautifully that shot was constructed. Not showing his face, the film reel ending, a breakup scene. What a way to say that you love cinema. People are never going to understand us people who love cinema.

I remember by friend’s dad saying to us when we were watching thirutu VCD of ‘New’, “why are you sitting and watching films. You could do something better.” That guy is now doing Direction course in FTII. It’s a funny world isn’t it?

Even though everyone were top notch in acting. I would specially give credit to the hero as well as the theatre owner Shankranna. The latter even more because it’s only him who is the metaphor of hope in this film. And look at his dimension of acting both in reality and dream.

The best part about the movie was the subtitles which was so irritating at first, because the language sounded familiar but I wasn’t able to grasp it. It was as if I’m not able to understand something I know so reading subtitles was very irritating but by the end I wasn’t even knowing that I was reading subtitles. When I’m writing this I’m getting a doubt whether the subtitles merged into the film or did I read it at all after certain time. May be that’s what the magic about. How the reality and alternate realties coexist.

Hail Cinema!


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