Movie Review – The Revenant

Posted: February 29, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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The Revenant is Di Caprio’s penance towards getting an Oscar. That’s the only way I could see the film. If this is how an actor is supposed to get Oscar then Vikram would have had an Oscar in every pocket of his pant. When Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) asks Glass (DiCaprio) whether that was why he came all the way, to kill him, which wouldn’t bring his son back. I too was like, meh! Fitzerland won there. If anyone who has to get award, I hope Tom Hardy does for his role of Fitzgerald. This was written on the night of the Oscar, before the Oscars. Probably people are gonna laugh me off if DiCaprio does get Oscar but well… that’s what people have been doing no matter what.

the revenant.jpg

Yes there was a little bit of Takovsky touch with the snow, solitude and church in the middle. But it didn’t yield that effect. It still looked like a commercial cinema or something that was somewhere that was lost in the middle. My opinion of Inarritu didn’t get much changed post this one. Except for Birdman, he looks like an average director who makes good films but nothing deeply moving.

I feel bad for this guy Di Caprio both on and off the movie. When he falls of the cliff along with the horse I felt more irritated than having sympathy towards him. Of all the films that he has done I’d be even more irritated if he wins for this one. ‘The Wolf of the Wall Street’ would have been the perfect movie for him to get the Oscar. But he not getting an Oscar is doing a world of good for him.

This dude tackles everything here. The Englishmen, the French men, the bear, the Native Americans, the ice etc. etc. Bloody give him the Oscar, will ya? Being a fan of violence, even for me there were a couple of scenes which got me to the edge of the street and stopped my breath for a minute. It’d have been a wholesome experience for the one who is not. Inarritu is a genius when it comes to the usage of cameras. He knows when to use what.

Music in theatre was haunting. The constant buzz behind my right ears was brilliant. Don’t know whether it’d have been this good if had watched it in a non Sathyam theatre. The whole movie as such had a striking resemblance to Cast Away and Aguirre but it was neither commercial like Cast Away nor artistic like Aguirre. When there was a close up shot of Di Caprio, I could only notice the faded out background but when Aguirre looks from the boat and looks behind I could see the vastness, I could see the emptiness of the scene.

Somewhere down the line, the movie failed for me. If not for few scenes, it looked like just another MGR film with a little more violence and little less sentiment.


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