Movie Review – The Hateful Eight

Posted: January 31, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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I was a little skeptical about watching The Hateful Eight because of two reasons. One, my last two theatrical outings weren’t so great. Inglorious Basterds which everyone loved was just okayish for me barring few scenes and Christopher Waltz. Two, the fanboy menace. You know how Tarantino fanboys shout for each and every character’s name when it gets displayed on screen. Funny fellas, them!

the hateful eight

This dude shoots violence like no one. It’s kind of weird feeling, it keeps you at the edge of the seat, making you think who is gonna shoot next but when the shooting happens you end up in splits and kinda feel bad that the fun is over. Such moronic us. And after every death, the characters are detached with each other as much as we are detached with them, no matter how close their relationships are.

70mm was pure bliss, even in a not so wide screen it still gave the desired effect. I felt bad when the landscape shots ended. I’d have loved more of outdoor scenes. The snow, the blizzard, blood, wood, cowboys, horses etc. etc. everything worked in favor the cinematography and cinematography made it work in favor of it.

Whenever there was a confrontation and one person asks the id of the other, there was always thrill because, you never know from where the gun would come from in a Tarantino film. But still every time a gun gets pulled up it still surprises us. He does know a trick or two, this Tarantino.

So needless to say when “The Bounty Hunter” Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) asks for a lift to “The Hangman” John Ruth I was expecting a shoot down, similarly when the sheriff Chris Mannix Walton Goggins enters there again was a tension. As soon as Major and John Ruth start riding we see an excellent slow Mo shot of a white and black horse. Beautiful symbolism that.

Once these three along with “The Prisoner” Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh), I love that name, start riding I was starting to make calculations of the eight people. Will the stagecoach driver be one of the eight, will those dead bodies be part of eight, would they get up all of a sudden etc. etc. In fact till the climax I kept on counting to eight. Tarantino achieves what he wanted with this.

See what a beautiful cheat Tarantino is, starting with the Abraham Lincon letter for which an usually somber Major puncher Domergue’s face to the fact that everything changes in the second half and an important unexplained fifteen member gang in the climax, everything works. In fact it’s kind of an open ending whether Domergue was honest or not.

Then there are regular Tarantino stuffs like chapters, music, dialogues etc. But out of all, here it’s the built up which does wonders and my friend who had accompanied me slept throughout the built up scenes and was awake only when there was action happening. He wasn’t understanding why people were laughing so much when someone was getting their brains blown out.

For a Tarantino film, the level of censorship is very less, even though I missed Jody’s (Channing Tatum) brains being blow out, I couldn’t complain much. It created the necessary impact.




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