Movie Review – Se7en

Posted: January 29, 2016 in Movie Reviews
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When my friend gave me the DVD of Seven, the first ever film that I watched in my PC, he said it’ll be like Anniyan and I’d like it. I did watch it with keen interest, felt a similarity to Anniyan and reasonably liked the film.


But now when I watched Seven in a quite laid back manner, having a thought that it wouldn’t anyways overcome the Fight club experience, I was taken aback by the magnanimity of the film. It was a stunning thriller as good as my theatrical experience of Gone Girl. Such a master filmmaker when it comes to thrillers, this David Fincher is!

A role like this is just a cake walk for Morgan Freeman but the real hero here is Brad Pitt who is brilliant as this detective kid. There is something about his style. He carries his same coolness as that of Oceans and Spy Game. He’s the best assistant you can have whom you’d hate for his style and for taking away the limelight from you.

Arguably the best scene of the movie would be the vibrating ‘dining table’ sequence. Quite brilliant thought that one by Fincher. Andrew Kevin Walker, the writer or Fincher, whoever wrote this deserves a special mention. What made it even more spectacular was when it happens the second time, in a more serious situation, Freeman starts to laugh and stops in the middle when Pitt stares, all this happens within a fraction of a second.

When you talk about performances, you might have known that Kevin Spacey role in the film wasn’t revealed till the release date so whoever saw it first, it was a surprise. That’s why even his name appears in the end credits rather than the initial one. His introduction in the film too is quite awesome when he raises hand and stands there quite far away from the leads. Brilliantly shot scene that.

Credit has to be given to Howard Shore for excellent music throughout the film and keeping us on the hook. Especially the opening credits where techno was used to full effect. It gave me scares and set up the mood as it should.

The opening scenes were framed in a weird way, which gave me the glimpse of Gone Girl. Here we don’t see the face of Morgan Freeman and it continues for some time before letting us see his full view. Intention though I’m not sure.



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